Hello everyone! Happy New Moon in Leo, the ruler of the Heart! Did you have the opportunity to create a ritual for yourself, and plant some seeds for what you want to create in the coming days/weeks/months/years? If not, maybe the guidance from Archangel Metatron can help you define where you want to focus on!


In this anchor grid, the Sacred Geometry of Metatron’s Cube is the anchor for the grid itself, aiding you in balancing and harmonizing the Elementals (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Cosmos) within your bodies and fields, as well as the following Sacred Tools:


~ Jasmine candlelight: At the center of the grid, a light representing your Light. This candle contains the essential oil of the Jasmine flower, which means ‘gift from God’… a reminder of who you are! This flower is also associated with love, and its essence is here to soothe your Heart.


~ Chrysocolla in Quartz Heart: A crystal that promotes peace of mind, calming ones’ emotions and encouraging inner strength during times of change.


~ Rose Quartz Heart: the crystal of Universal Love, here to envelop your Heart and Being with its frequency.


~ Bumblebee Jasper Heart: A stone born in a volcano! It aids you in stoking your inner fire in a balanced way, fortifying your self esteem as you step into new territory with endless possibilities before you.


~ Dragon Blood Jasper Heart: A protective and empowering stone, here to aid you in opening and clearing all your chakras, as well as holding the frequencies of strength and valor as you face and heal emotional matters with vitality and joy.


~ Card #19, Transformation: ‘Suffering is Optional. You are experiencing an ending. You are feeling a loss as a hole or a void in your life. This empty feeling is a space for something new and better. A new way will reveal itself very soon. Pain is something that happens to all of us, but suffering is a choice. To suffer is to believe thoughts that are not our soul truth… Now imagine what you can create by focusing on all the beautiful aspects of your life and what you are good at. Focus on where your life is filled with things that make you smile. Change starts with you, and all your desires begin with a dream. Where will you place your focus [now]?’*


~ Card #6, Grounding: Once again, Archangel Metatron wants to remind you of the importance of grounding, anchoring. As you’re moving away from situations, people, circumstances, etc., overthinking or hyper-focusing on what’s leaving might leave you out of balance, ungrounded, drained, and stuck in the mental body. In order to fully co-create and bring to life the desires of your Heart, it is important to be grounded, present… much like the tree in this card’s image is fully grounded, being the bridge for the Light to materialize into the world. Sometimes one avoids this because one has not let go of pain, but remember that you have the power to, at any moment, surrender pain and align to the Highest frequency of Pure Unconditional Love, which you already are! From this space you can tend to your Heart, to your whole being, and set the space to connect to that which you want to create.


~ Blue color/frequency: Holding protection, peace, and communication, so you may clearly hear your inner voice.


~ Green color/frequency: Holding balance, grounding, and expansion, so you may see the expansive fields of possibilities ahead.


~ Magenta color/frequency: Holding manifestation, so you may bring forth into the material realm that which is in the ethereal realm.


Remember that acts of self-love, self-care are a sure way to come back into your body. What 3 things can you do today for yourself to come back into your body, and connect within? What can you let go of physically, emotionally, mentally, to create space for the new you want to create; what will you focus on instead? What is it that you are looking forward to manifesting in your life? Give yourself some time in the next few days to have this conversation with your Self!

And although this guidance is intended for the rest of August, trust that if you read this a week, a day or years from now, it contains something for you! If you find that you need deeper guidance, feel free to set up an appointment for a custom session with me here:


With Grace and Love~

Martha Judith

Mentor, Intuitive Channel & Energy Healer

*The Secret Language of Light, by Jarvie & Holeman.