What does it mean when we read, by Herbert Hoover.


Children are our most valuable natural resource,”


John F. Kennedy used this quote similarly, saying,


“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best   hope for the future.”


We are the caretakers of the planet now. Youth are the future leaders. Soon the world will be entrusted to the upcoming generations. As we grow old, they become the succeeding doctors, lawyers, government officials, farmers, teachers, business owners, clerks, the list can go on and on. They take over our professions, and towards the end of life, take care of our health.

All children deserve the best education, guidance, and all essentials, but the most important is LOVE.

“Unconditional Love” means Love without conditions even when there are mistakes. Unconditional Love means forgiveness, compassion for self and others. Demonstrating self-love is a big part of the equation. If children learn how to take care of themselves through self-care and self-love, they will always have Love around them and the trust and confidence to succeed. Then as they grow to adults, they will understand the importance of a balance between work and play.

I raised children and help with my grandchildren, and there are always challenging occasions. Many times, feelings of inadequacy and overwhelm creep in, especially during those stressed and over-tired moments. I didn’t know I was supposed to take care of myself too. To take time for self was a lesson well learned. Parents, grandparents, and caregivers respond better when well-balanced between work, play, and rest. Children learn by example, with adults as role models.

As a mother and teacher to my children, I discovered I was also the student. You learn so much from these young ones. It is vital to get to their level by listening and giving them undivided attention. As caregivers, we are to keep children safe but also inspire confidence and build independence, so they grow into capable adults. We learn and grow together. It is food for our soul. Within us, there is a little child who also needs nurturing, one that might have felt misunderstood or unloved in a long-forgotten time. It is important to release our stress and baggage, so we are fully present to encourage and inspire them to do their best.

It is especially crucial to stay out of the energies of fear and anxiety (the opposite of Love.) Right now, it is incredibly relevant to what is happening in our world. A favorite acronym for fear is,





Or another favorite to bring you past the fear is,






There are always precautions to heed and safe principals to follow, but let’s keep other people’s fear and panic from affecting our common-sense. Maintaining our frequency (energy) at a higher vibration, such as Love, reduces feelings of fear and anxiety. When there is a reduction in these stressors, it leads to more,

  1. Clarity-to envision new opportunities.
  2. Creativity-to deal with situations.
  3. Confidence-to move ahead.
  4. Conviction (trust and faith)-in self and a Higher Source.

I believe I am an empath, and it took me years to understand what empathy was. A simple way of explaining an empathic person is one who feels or understands other people’s emotions.  I also believe all people have some degree of empathy within them. Empathic children, as well as adults, pick up on the energy of others, especially people they are with the most. Children learn by observing the world around them. If they see chaos and drama in their surroundings, they are going to mimic the same. As parents, we must respond and react calmly and lovingly, so our children take on peaceful energy.

Energy is fundamental because everything is energy. Chaotic energy affects people negatively (I know this from experience). Sometimes sorting out these energies are confusing. Which energies are mine, and what have I taken on from others? Feeling higher energies/vibrations more consistently makes it easier to notice lower ones when they appear. We then take steps to reduce them. It all boils down to keeping our energies in the highest vibration possible.

Here are a few ways to raise our vibrational energy and relieve stress:

  • Gratitude (find ten things to be grateful for at least once a day or every time there are stressed feelings)
  • Stay present in the moment. Sometimes we need to step aside or step back from what is happening
  • Turn off fear-based media
  • Breath, full deep breaths as often as necessary (be conscious of those breaths)
  • Find time to go outside and enjoy nature
  • Take a calming bath in Epsom salts. Imagine all negative energy washed off and going down the drain
  • No time for a relaxing bath? Then take an energy shower. I imagine Love and white light flowing over and through my body, clearing away old, stuck energy. I continue this until I feel better. (Make it a game as your little ones join in).
  • Be creative and personalize the methods above. These are all easily adaptable to children.

Is there overwhelm with children and being “stuck” at home? There are unlimited possibilities for entertainment on the internet.

Games and role-playing teach many of the things to succeed in real life. My grandchildren like to play tea party.  They use their imagination and find old clothes to dress up. Not everyone has a children’s tea set, so they make do with what is available, even paper cups work!

They are encouraged to remember, please, thank you, share, be patient, and wait for their turn. Demonstrating manners and having fun is so vital for peaceful relationships.

Giving the gift of our time to play a game of make-believe is better than any material present. The essential part is making it fun! No child or adult likes preaching. Remember, show instead of telling.

Life is full of choices. When it gets stressful, allowing ourselves, time-out is vital, even if it’s only for slow, deep breaths. Between inhalations, we allow ourselves to become still. Then ask, what type of relationship do we desire for ourselves and our children?t What we do with them now sets the stage for later when they take the lead.

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The content of this blog is my viewpoint and experience, and it is not intended to take the place of any type of medical or counseling concerns. Please seek a medical professional for any health-related issues.