For those of you who are just starting to learn astrology, here is a brief description of the 12 Sun Signs.

The placement of the Sun at your birth sets the stage for your life. God created and rules the universe.  The most essential tool in his cosmic box is the Sun. Isn’t it amazing to think if the Sun were just a tiny bit closer, we would burn to ashes? If the fiery ball were just a bit further away we would freeze and become extinct. Divine isn’t it? In astrology, the Sun represents our ego and personality.

The 12 Sun Signs

An astrologer looks at your chart and takes into consideration not only the sun sign but also the house or placement of the Sun.  The time of birth, and many, many other factors are also part of your natal chart. In astrology you must use all flavors and ingredients to taste your personal cake. So with this offering, I will keep it simple, and we will just talk about the sun signs.


Aries – ruled by Mars, Cardinal, Fire. Aries is the great warrior! This sign will always be top dog. These people have lots of energy, they are leaders, right-fighters, and are for the underprivileged underdogs. An Aries has an enormous amount of energy. Because they initiate energy to make outstanding athletics and CEOs. They piss people off and love to argue! It is tough for them to say they are sorry or admit they are wrong. Children who are Aries are hard to channel, but you must teach them at an early age when enough is enough! If you don’t, you will wind up in the emergency room all the time for stitches, or they could get into serious trouble later on. They are the Navy Seals, Special Task Forces, Quarterbacks! If the world goes up in flames, you can bet I am going to stand behind an Aries.


Taurus– ruled by Venus is a Fixed Earth sign. People with this sign love stability! It is often said they are stubborn. I have known many Taurus people and Taurus rising, and I personally don’t see that. They are materialistic in a practical sort of way, but not really extravagant. Their keywords are I HAVE. This sign controls the throat, so a Taurus usually has a sweet voice and loves to sing, even if they want to listen to the same song over and over. They are very dependable, rather slow, and are great with numbers and money. They can be a bit lazy because they are creatures of comfort. They like routine. Many Taurus people have low self-esteem because they may have had a learning disability. My father could barely read, but he had lovely penmanship and was a wiz with math and science! They can be obsessed with cleanliness and order. They are excellent providers for their families. I just wish I had more Taurus in my chart so I could manage my drawers, balance my checkbook, and do my taxes on time! Money is Trust!


Gemini – ruled by Mercury, Muteable Air sign. I used to hear astrologers refer to this sign as the twins with 2 different personalities. They must have given up on that because actually, this sign is so busy there is no way 2 people could keep up with it! If you are a Gemini, you are brilliant, and you can multi-task like a motha! You are interested in everything for a second or two until the next bright shiny object grabs your eye. You are the person that is here to think up all of the ideas and to research. You can get 3 times the amount of things done that anyone else can. Be careful not to interrupt people, I know it is hard…. they need to go faster, don’t they? It is hard for you to finish things so, many times, Gemini’s exit life feeling as they have accomplished little. You are a Jack of all Trades and a Master of quite a few too, but you probably don’t think that way. When your back is up against the wall, and you need to meet a deadline, toss around ideas with someone!


Cancer – ruled by the Moon, Cardinal water sign. Sun in Cancer. I love Cancers! I don’t know why. I just feel at home with them. I can say anything to them and even if they don’t agree, and maybe they also judge me a bit… I know they still love me. They are the healers, doctors, mothers, nurturers. They love to be at home and enjoy domestic life. They are emotional but have a hard shell, so you might not see that at first. They have great intuition, particularly about children and animals. They are domestic Gods and Goddesses! Home renovation, Gardener’s Decorators! They are opinionated and can get a “my poop don’t stink” air about them. They procrastinate at times and can overindulge in a variety of comforts and will encourage you to do the same! They are all about family, it is the most important thing for them. This sign rules the stomach and breasts. By the way, if you lost your dog, chicken, cat, horse, or pig go find the nearest Cancer, chances are it is in bed with them.


Leo – ruled by the Sun, fixed Fire. Well, here I go! I must be the center of attention, I demand it! Not really, that is what everyone thinks. Actually, sometimes we are supposed to take that role, but it is scary because down deep, we are afraid of rejection. We can be the life of the party, and people always want us around…. unless….. it is at a library or museum or some function where low volume is required. We are loud! We are obnoxious! We really need validation, so I guess that means we are insecure! We are usually told to shut up and sit down a lot as a child. I got a lot of Bs and Cs in citizenship in school…. do they still have citizenship? I mean, they don’t teach cursive anymore? One of my teachers says Leo’s lesson in life is to know that they are here to be seen and heard, and it’s OK to be too loud! She clearly did not know my father! We make great entertainers and are good friends. So if you are bored call me, I am always up for a party!


Virgo – ruled by Mercury, Earth mutable sign. Keywords are I ANALYZE. I have more Virgo people than any other sign in my life! In fact many are born on the very same day! What is up with that? I am Virgo rising so I can relate to them easily. This sign is all about serving and quality control. They will exhaust themselves, helping others, trying to control and produce the perfect outcome. They are usually very healthy eaters, many become great chefs, they love beauty and have an eye for refinement. Analysis to paralysis is very typical with Virgos. They are also very critical of people and can be hardest on themselves. This is the person you want running the back of the house, making sure all of the details are just right before the show goes on! Believe me, I know! Their money comes from service.


Libra – ruled by Venus, Cardinal water sign. A Libra without a partner or a relationship is on the way to the next one. They have either been with the same person for a lifetime and questioned what it would have been like to have been free… or jumping from relationship to relationship, wondering why they can’t find the right person. All connections are essential to these people. In fact, they may distance themselves from others because they find it all so draining to question the other person’s suitability continually. They are usually very attractive and know how to dress. They have an artistic eye. Libras are excellent at making sure everyone feels OK in the room, even at their own expense. Later they may be resentful about forfeiting their needs for someone else’s wants and desires. They make great mediators, HR people, and lawyers because they can follow the rules and have an objective sense of fairness. My Mother, Patrica Ann, was a classic Libra, married 65 years, RIP April 15, 2018.


Scorpio – ruled by Pluto, a fixed water sign. Chili Rick, my husband, is a Scorpion, and I have several Scorpio friends. They are a different breed for sure. Although I don’t think that Rick is a typical Scorpio, he has lightened up a great deal over the years. They can be very intense and intimidating. They love to take walks on the dark side, and it is effortless for them to go there. Rick loves drug lord and violence in movies, that is kinda dark! They love conspiracies and to investigations. They are passionate and sexual. Their keywords are I DESIRE, and this sign controls the genitals. Money usually comes easy to these people, and they may inherit wealth. Your money comes from what you love!


Sagittarius – ruled by Jupiter, Mutable Fire sign. Gregarious, competitive, intelligent, and funny, or at least they think they are! These folks are truth and freedom lovers.  They are continually learning and have a massive appetite for knowledge. They are opinionated and can be dogmatic. Sags are brash and insert their foot in their mouths. This sign is optimistic, sometimes to a fault. Slippery little suckers too! Hard to pin em down. Trying to keep one at home or in a regular job can be a challenge. They make the perfect RV snowbirds later in life or will travel Europe on $300 as a youth. They will never settle for the status quo. This is my brother in law! My sister loved him so! I always wanted him on my Trivial Pursuit team. I believe he is happy doing what my sister said he would do when she passed away. She said he would lead a “TIN CUP” life (as in the movie with Kevin Costner)! I love that!


Capricorn – ruled by Saturn, Cardinal Earth Sign. These are the people that always get “the employee of the year award!” They are disciplined, ambitious leaders! They are also that little girl on Leave it to Beaver that tattle tells on everyone in the class for breaking all the rules! They are not rats, they just can’t do anything wrong! Capricorns have a hard time relaxing. They can be severe workaholics. They know that all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl, but she is a productive one too! They tend to over-commit and take on an enormous workload, get it all done, then sit on the pity pot because they didn’t have enough help. People skills are not always their best attributes. If I had a business where I had to scale down and streamline, up my production and get meet deadlines! I would hire a Capricorn!


Aquarius – ruled by Uranus, Fixed AIR sign. Opposite of Leo, it is understandable why I love these people! Aquarians are eccentric! They are brilliant, even if they are the idiot savants at times! Just kidding! They just march to the beat of a different drum! FYI, I just pissed off half of my family! My Sun is in the 11th house, which is ruled by Aquarius, so I have a touch of this! Keywords are I KNOW! Now, this is the stubborn sign to me! You cannot tell them a thing. They have to come to their own conclusion. The first thing out of the mouth will be … I KNOW or NO. It is funny! They are revolutionary, they are so far ahead of the game, they have won it and are packing up the car before we even get our game pieces out! Aquarians truly have a philanthropic spirit and are visionaries. They are idealistic inventors. Come on, Aquarians figure out how to get us out of global warming!


Pisces – ruled by Neptune, Muteable Water sign. My beloved Sister Carmen was a Pisces. She had a YOD (The finger of God) pointing to her Sun at her Midheaven point. This means she was sent here for a particular appointed purpose. Pisces are beautiful dreamers. In fact, I DREAM is their keyword. I think they must dream because sometimes they are so sensitive and intuitive, the tangible world is overwhelming. My sister channeled her sensitivity thru her decorating and artwork. They must retreat or risk lashing out just because they are overwhelmed. Some Pisces struggle with depression and extreme anxiety, and many tend to be loners. These people may find it hard to fit into a regular 9 to 5 for long stints, although they are good at anything they do and hard workers. They don’t necessarily work and play well with everyone at all times. They are the mystic’s and often have keen third eyes. This sign is prone to addiction. Reality is often elusive for them. It is said that Christ was a Pisces (the sign of the fish). Ultimately Pisces have a deep calling to find their spiritual self and express it! Carmen did! RIP Sis! Money is God as he created all things for good and service to others!

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