Hello all! Today’s message from Archangel Metatron comes in the form of an Anchor Grid, under the energy of a Full Moon eclipse… an opportunity to release the outdated and start anew.

‘You are the key to an awakened Life’ is our first card:
The first impression of the card is to notice all the Light that is hovering over the woman; all this Light present in her life, to which she has full access to, because the Truth is that she IS the Light. Instead, this woman feels sorrowful (even her clothes are blue), her back to the light, as she seems to be enthralled in her own thoughts of sadness, and even despair.

Interesting- just now, as I’m writing, I was nudged to look up ‘enthralled’. Besides ‘spellbound’, its other definition is ‘to hold or reduce to slavery’. Indeed, there is much healing to be done on a collective level to bring equality, balance and harmony everywhere, and, on a personal level, this card invites you to ask yourself: Where is it that you are holding yourself prisoner? Which patterns would be good for you to let go of now? Do you recognize that you are the key to your own freedom? Do you recognize that you are Divine Love and Light?

‘Be reborn daily’ is our second card:
As a continuation of the first card, in this image the person has sat up straight, aligned with the Light. ‘Let go of the past, and breathe in your new incarnation’, the card suggests to you.

This person holds its hands to the center of the body, reminding me of the Anjali Mudra, or Prayer hands, representing the balance and harmony between the right and left side (Masculine and Feminine aspects within the self). Supported and connected by its roots, both at its feet and upper chakras, in connection and One with All That Is. Notice the red/orange/ocre on the lower part of the body, a reminder of the importance to ground yourself, so you can better align in a conscious way to the Light that you already are! … a daily practice, as the card suggests.

The anchor grid formed for this message includes the Sacred Geometry of the Flower of Life and a candle, as well as:
~ Sage: to support in cleansing and releasing;
~ Selenite wand crystal with gold thread: to charge and amplify;
~ Desert Rose crystal: for clarity of mind, and to help uproot, dissolve and release self-imposed beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you;
~ Gold Hematoid crystal: the Golden Healer, and a crystal of new beginnings; it invites the golden rays of Universal Love to flow through your bodies and fields.

Give yourself a moment to tune into the anchor grid, and notice what other messages it holds for you!

I hope today’s message and energy of this anchor grid is helpful to you. With Grace and Love~

Martha Judith
Mentor ~ Angelic Channel & Healer
Deck: The Hero’s Journey, by Sullivan-Walden & Rassouli