Activate Your Super Powers Workshop


Explore Your Spiritual SuperPowers and Learn to Use them with Confidence!

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Starts December 2.2020

Offered By:ZofiaRennea Morales

Learn your personal superpowers! How to use them with confidence, even if you’ve always thought you were a muggle! (unmagical person).

6 live weekly training modules (valued at $1000) including:

  • Spiritual gifts 101– In-depth understanding of your unique superpowers results, as well as your personal psychic gifts assessment, so you stop trying to be something you are not and blossom into confidence and power. ($200 value)
  • Who’s on your god squad? Learn the unseen folks supporting you and how to harness their genius to make your dream life. ($200 value)
  • Intentional living based on your spiritual gift profile. What is optimal for your profile?:  Wait for opportunities, or create them at will? Partner with others or function solo? Virtual service or in person? – so you immediately know if an opportunity is right for you, and you operate in your sweet spot at all times. ($200 value)
  • Divine timing and where you connect with Universal plan. Learn the signs it’s time to move forward and the signs it’s time to wait. So you stop wasting money and energy on things that won’t fly and launch into the ones that will. ($200 value)
  • Plugging into your divine GPS – Tune into the clues your higher self is sending you. so you move out of grind and struggle and into ease and flow. ($200 value)
  • Activate your mission– Move into constant communication with your highest self, so you no longer lose sleep, wondering what step to take next and whether you are making the best choice. ($200 value)

Bonus 1 – 7th-week module Turbocharge your journey – discover the unconscious patterns and programs that have been hampering your efforts and holding you back. Hence, you blow past them into a more magical life journey. ($200 value)

Bonus 2 – Never lost Q&A sessions again: Get your specific questions and confusions answered live each week, so any blocks and blank spots are cleared, you stop spinning your wheels, and you make progress. ($800 value)

Bonus 3 – Know your Pre-life plan– discover what you had planned to accomplish in this life, so you no longer have to seek blindly for your direction. ($247 Value)

So if you’ve been considering working with me, but you were on the fence, or the cost of 1 on 1 session was too high, now’s the perfect time to order.

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What’s included in the Activating Your Spiritual Super Powers Workshop?

You get you 9 modules for the price of 1… and here’s what’s included:

6 live weekly training modules (valued at $1000) including:

The first-ever Activate Your Spiritual Super Powers workshop so you know what YOUR personal superpowers are and how to confidently use them, even if you’ve always thought you were a muggle! (unmagical person)

6 live weekly training modules (valued at $1000) including:

  • Spiritual gifts 101 – ($200 value)- uncover your specific spiritual gifts.
  • Who’s on your god squad? ($200 value) Rally your unseen support network
  • Intentional living based on your spiritual gift profile($200 value) Engages with life in YOUR optimal style.
  • Divine timing and where you connect with Universal plan. ($200 value) Know the secret go/no-go signs from the universe.
  • Plugging into your divine GPS – ($200 value) rest easy and confident in your direction.
  • Activate your mission – ($200 value) bring all the pieces together into a fulfilling magical life.

Bonus 1 – 7th-week module Turbocharge your journey – ($200 value) blow past unconscious patterns and programs into a more magical life journey.

Bonus 2 – Never lost again Q&A sessions: ($800 value) customized help, so you make progress.

Bonus 3 – Know your Pre-life plan– ($247 value) Discover what you had planned to accomplish in this life.

I don’t have the cash right now – Can I get this later on?

We get it. Budgets and prioritizing can be a challenge.

And early on as a lightworker, I tended to put myself after my family’s needs and put the needs of my higher self after the needs of my physical self. I told myself it was practical and proper.

Unfortunately (or fortunately – depending on how you see it), I rather quickly learned that this ordering of priorities routinely left me deprived, spent, needy, and with nothing left to fill the physical and energetic cups of those around me. It wasn’t until I flipped that order on its head and put the needs of my highest self first that my physical needs and the needs of my family were handled in abundance. Since this offer is for founding members only and you need to act now, we have partnered with PayPal to handle the “no cash right now” challenge. If you select PayPal as your checkout method, you can do Paypal credit for 6 months, same as cash.

How Much does it cost?

Normally all the inclusions in the Activate your spiritual superpowers workshop would be $2247.

But you’re not going to pay that when you take up the special Limited Time offer of just one payment of $199.99.

If you try ordering all these modules and bonuses individually directly from my website, you’re going to see the regular price of $2247.

No coupon code is required. You simply follow the link and get instant access to the special pricing.

When are the live classes held?

Live Classes are held on Zoom, Wednesdays at 5 pm eastern starting December 2nd wrapping up January 27, 2021

The QA sessions are on Mondays at 5 pm eastern over that same time period.

There will be a break from December 23rd to January 5th, 2021, for the holiday season.

All classes and Q&As will be recorded, so you can still stay caught up with any sessions you might miss.

Is there a Guarantee?

This Activate your Spiritual Superpowers Workshop offer is SUCH a steal of a deal. There are no refunds for this program.

If you don’t know me well enough to know the commitment to quality content and training in all my products and programs, this training is probably not for you.

Testimonials page

What are *Other* People Saying About Working With Zofia?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people…

Wondering what kind of result others are getting from the Activating Your Spiritual Super Powers Workshop.


Since this is the FIRST time it’s being offered, clearly those comments are not available at this point on the timeline of this reality.

So here’s what I did…

I gathered a bunch of comments from clients who have used other products and services I offer….

And I put a few of them together here so that you could see their stories first hand.



Testimonial – Tracey


Working with Zofia has been a life-altering experience for myself and my family. In the beginning, my energy was all over the place. When I first started working with you [Zofia], I was a single mother on section 8, my relationships were in turmoil, I was using marijuana to cope, and had no sense of direction. Even though I was a Reiki teacher, intuitive, and entrepreneur, my life was going nowhere fast! I lived in the worst neighborhood, had no car, I was struggling to get by, and was barely getting by. I felt alone and desperate to figure out how to make it all work. The drama, pain, depression, and lack I was experiencing was overwhelming and consumed my mind and my life and my body was taking all of this in and getting sick. I didn’t believe I deserved better, I thought I was only worthy of “the struggle”. And I was ready to give up and just live this way for the rest of my life.

Once we started working together on an energetic level with the things I was experiencing it seemed after some time things just started to click. I had more energy, I wasn’t as afraid of life happening to me and the drama wasn’t something that I wallowed in but something I could view as a spectator before making a decision to participate.

The deeper we dove into what was going on in my life, the clearer things were. How you teach to talk to your keepers and guides and your god squad, makes life more manageable because you are no longer guessing at what to do. I am guided now. Intuitively and Intentionally.

The life I live now is no longer full of chaos. I don’t run and hide when things get bad, I stand and face the day with optimism and use the gifts you taught me how to use to navigate life. My family dynamics have changed for the better and through our ancestral work even the lives of my family members, who don’t work with you as I do, are changing for the better. I am no longer on section 8, I don’t need drugs to numb the pain and I know that I am not alone. My life is an example and proof that energy work, healing, and facing your demons, work. And through your kindness and patience along the way, my whole life has changed.



Testimonial – Thea


Everything that I’ve been doing over the past year brought me right to your [Zofia’s] doorstep. And it was like, Okay, this is a perfect time. So I think, I mean, to me, it was like, kind of divine intervention. I heard the podcast. You were there. Literally a week or two before, I had a session where I recognized that I had these intuitive gifts that had been kind of squelched, and when I heard your story. And it was like, you know, this is the perfect person for me to work with.

So, intellectually, everything aligned as well. I would say spiritually, I really heard about you at a time when I was ready to take on those gifts. I think before, even if I had hints that they were there, I don’t think it was the right time for me to kind of dive into them. Because I had to, go through the healing process that I did to get to the point where I would say, Okay, this is now the perfect time to do this. So I feel really blessed that I heard about you at just the right time. And that I could kind of start on that journey, which to me is like, Okay, here we go next, you know, the next thing. This is really exciting for me because I work as a life coach, and I’m a hypnotist, and I do dream work. So I’ve had a lot of experience in that realm. And I guess I grew up in a family that really accepted a lot of those things, in many ways more so than many other families, but, I kind of forget, especially when I’m talking to people, you know, out in the world that I’m probably more woo-woo than, you know, a lot of people consider in their everyday life. But to me, it’s my normal experience. So to take the next step with you is to kind of even, I don’t want to say up the ante, but it’s like going through another door that I didn’t even know was there. And then beyond, that’s another door.

And so in some ways, it’s coming home, because they’re all skills I had when I was too young to even know what the heck they were. Who knows, I have no idea what my experience was, like, when I was three. But, you know, obviously, it was kind of the world I lived in, and then it wasn’t anymore. And so it’s really, it’s really interesting to come back to that place. And that’s not to say that I haven’t throughout my life, used some of the gifts I had, and felt comfortable with them. But there’s like a new level of awareness now in terms of what the gifts are, thanks to your kind of letting me know, and then also learning how to work with them.

And it’s also been really helpful to kind of realize that it’s this step by step. Something that my dream told me that this takes time. It’s a matter of work. And it’s a matter of, I don’t want to say the discipline, but getting into the practice of using the skills and becoming familiar with them and learning how they work for me. Because obviously, it’s different for each person, and just beginning to be comfortable with them. And I think because I trust your ability to see what I’m doing and I can then trust that when you say yes, you’re accurate. I’m like, Okay, I guess I’m accurate. I have no way of knowing. But I’m glad you know.

It’s been a really wonderful journey. And I’m really looking forward to continuing with the group because it’s just a great resource



Testimonial – Yolandi


My best guy friend tells me the other day that I literally saved his life this year. He even attempted suicide. I chatted to you [Zofia] about him maybe 6 months ago.
Anyway, all I did was to share some of the knowledge you had taught me with him, also I consulted with you on how to help him.
And it quite literally saved him.
And it’s not like in a small way, it’s like he had 4th dimension attachment that he recorded on a video to prove to himself he wasn’t crazy at night. He took the drug “cat” just so he wouldn’t have to sleep at night and deal with the stuff. And you gave me an explanation of how evil is actually really mundane and presents itself in the form that our minds find it most intimidating.

As soon as he grasped that concept and realized he is above it, it was easy to see the way from his black abyss. I also called ArchAngel Michael for help. And obviously, vicariously your energy came through me to heal him too. Because I just held him tight and let him cry one day. And I’m not a hugger. Like in the come to mamma sense.
He was also brave enough to step out of his toxic environment, move away from his bad relationship, out of the house and into a new place with great energy, and only had one drug use slip up.
See… you’re more powerful than you even know.

-Yolandi in South Africa



Testimonial – Heather


I’m definitely connected now. I’m definitely starting to explore more gifts. They’re definitely showing up. And of course, you know,it never happens the way you’ve had it imagined in your mind. Like, oh, okay, now I get it. I don’t want to say overwhelm, overwhelm is the wrong word. But it is very much awe-inspiring. And awe in feeling even with the news of the world as it is, yes. I’m able to separate myself from the empath that I am. And I (the empath) can be outraged and hurting and crying, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that I am spending my days that way. I haven’t let it consume me. Whereas in years past is definitely something that if this was going on, I would have been so stuck and glued to every breaking moment and every opinion piece and discussion and all that. And it’s like, even online anymore. I’m not engaging. Or if I engage, I’m like, I’m going to engage for like, three, I’ll make three comments on this. If it turns into a discussion, then I’m out. So it’s been interesting.

(When asked what would you say to someone who’s considering doing some of this work?)

What’s the worst that’s gonna happen? You try it. Do an hour and a half of the session and you either get something or you don’t? I can’t imagine not getting something out of that. But what’s the worst thing that’s going to happen? You heal a little bit of trauma in your life, you heal a little bit of those old wounds, you see yourself and your life from a different perspective, and feel confident in yourself again.

You’re definitely going to be on my referral list. And I think, I think that says a lot. You know, I know a lot of people don’t necessarily know me, but if I’m willing to say, hey, go check this person out. It’s because I’ve, I’ve worked with them and I know what they’re going to do and I know what you need and it matches.


Testimonial – Sheila


What brought me to it [working with Zofia] was a severe car accident that I was in six months ago. And that accident left me with a traumatic brain injury, injuries to my cervical and lumbar spine. And Whoa, gosh, what else, a lacerated spleen and a broken rib. And as a result of that, the things I went through in the ICU were pretty scary. The bleeding on my brain not wanting to stop, it finally did. And just the whole experience of going from being this active person to being confined to the bed, in ICU, was not fun. And of course, the level of pain, and then the fact that along with the brain injury. I lost certain cognitive functions. Short term memory is just out the window, which really, for me, is a part of my identity, you know. Who I am, mentally and say, cognitively speaking, is a big part of my personality. So, that was scary, you know, having that be threatened. and wondering if I would come back from that.

And when you offered the sessions, it was perfect timing. Because I was at a point where I was beyond frustrated, I was in pain constantly. I couldn’t do things for myself. Terrible vertigo. And just, really couldn’t carry out my usual day. You know you go from being totally independent to being totally dependent. And, that’s not just a hit to your ego. But, you know, it stops your life. And that’s how I was feeling before we started, my life has come to a screeching halt, that I was not in agreement with at all. Like, “are you kidding me?” But the sessions have given me the space to look at not just what’s going on with my physical body, but actually getting present to things that are going on beyond the physical.

So where I’m at mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, the things that are, as I like to say, running in the background, that are over here, you’re not even aware of them, because you’re so focused on getting back to who you are, in a physical sense, and then wondering if you can rehab your brain so that you can really be yourself.

So the sessions have allowed me to relieve pain. And to let go of a lot of stuff, you know, stuff that I was holding on to before this happened.

Soo… if you’d like to experience those kinds of results… then you’re going to want to give the Activate your Spiritual Superpowers Workshop a try.  Love, Hugs and Air Kisses,


ZofiaRennea Morales
Sensible Mystic and Transformation Alchemist