Akashic Record Consultation


Deep Healing, Clearing, Clarity, 

Reclamation of your Gifts and Talents 

I will connect to YOUR Akashic Record Keepers during this in-depth reading.

Offered By:Lisa Bolton

The Beings of Light and Masters of the Akashic Records have access to all of your lifetimes, including this one. They know you intimately and LOVE you UNCONDITIONALLY. There is no judgment, only compassion. They understand the challenges of human existence want to support you.


Your burning questions and concerns about important relationships, money blocks, career, etc. will be addressed with GRACE.

YOUR RECORD KEEPERS will guide me and in turn I will relay their message and perform what needs to be done. Each session is unique! Some of what may be included :


1. The burning old contracts and vows to release limiting beliefs.

2. Releasing and clearing blocked energies from past and current lives.

3. Assistance in reclaiming more of your gifts and talents.

4. Focused clarity and direction on how to proceed.


Beings of Light know everything about you and that is exactly why this session is so incredibly powerful. They have a clear understanding of how to make the most efficient use of this sacred session. Your Record Keepers will go beyond time and space for your highest good. 


This reading will support you with a shortcut to the realization that everything you need is within you. You will be better equipped to navigate your journey and embrace freedom, abundance, and the ability to create the life you desire.


I have a no show policy. You may cancel or reschedule up to 24 hours in advance or pay 50% of the fee. When you book a reading with me, I will send you a consent form and some simple questions to prepare for our session.