Alchemy Life Coaching


1hr Session

Offered By:Wendi Sexton

Have you heard of Alchemy and wonder what it means? While you will find pages and books of information, one of Wendi’s favorite definitions is from Google. Alchemy is “a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.”

If you are feeling confused, frustrated, overwhelmed, or lost in the dark, know that there is a magnificent lighting system always guiding you. Together you will learn the wiring, the switches, and what bulbs need tightening or replaced.

As a certified life coach, Wendi uses a combination of skills, and gifts to facilitate clients in the process of self-transformation. You are the center of your life; therefore, you are also the creator of the life you live.

When you understand the personal guidance system of your body, mind, & soul, as well as how it connects and communicates with the outer world, natural flow and balance can be restored. Your outer world reflects your inner world, join Wendi and learn how to re-adjust your settings and live joyfully in the flow.

Together you will explore the journey you are on, the phase you are experiencing, and how to create the greatest personal expression of the best life you can imagine. Through her diverse training and expertise with the human body and the language of our lives, one thing she guarantees is that YOU already hold the key to your wildest dreams.