Holy Fire®Reiki Master Class


8 class Holy Fire Reiki Master Certification Save $88 purchase before August 31st.

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Offered By: ASOS Collaborations

What is the Holy Fire ® Reiki Master Class?

Learn and receive a certification of Holy Fire ® Reiki from Mentors Maratha Jensen and Lisa Bolton.  Together they have a combined total of over 45 years of experience and expertise.  They are both Holy Fire ® Reiki Masters and are now sharing their expertise and energy through automatic transmissions in this double Reiki teaching environment.

Not the Ordinary Reiki Masterclass

Most Reiki classes happen over a weekend.  They feel rushed and there is no time to truly soak in the information.  Together Martha and Lisa create SACRED TRANSFORMATIONAL work/play to be integrated over time through this exclusive 8-week course.  Each class is only 3 hours!  It is much more than just your average Reiki Class!

Upgrade your Reiki experience and your energy with a REFRESHING RESET to the Reiki you already know.

What is Holy Fire ® Reiki?

  • HOLY FIRE ® Reiki is an upgrade!
  • It comes from a high level of consciousness.
  • Holy Fire ® fits today’s needs for a more graceful process of initiation, making it more enjoyable, simple, motivating, and direct
  • The Holy Fire upgrade helps bring an advance in consciousness in a new and completely unique format
  • Creates a feeling of love and nurturing
  • The effects of a Holy Fire ® Reiki continues to be more effective after the session is complete
  • The effects of I & II or Standard Reiki Master will become revitalized and more pronounce

Achieve the potential to access higher frequencies and increase your healing powers!

Space is limited as this is a unique intimate classroom setting because we are committed to excellence.

Classes Start October 14th – 1:00 to 4:00 pm ET

Every Thursday (excluding Thanksgiving Day), October 14 through Dec 9th
8 classes over a 9 week period
We will break on Thanksgiving
This Class will meet live on Zoom
NOTE!!! YOU MUST ATTEND all 8 classes to receive your Certification.
This is an online live class-NOT RECORDED
Contact us for scheduling conflicts (There will be additional fees for make-up classes)

What you will need

Pre-requisite-Reiki I & Reiki II

If you are already a Reiki Master you will be upgraded to Holy Fire ®  through this program!

  • Computer or device for Zoom, Access to high-speed internet

  • A Free Zoom account

  • Access to relaxing music for class meditation

  • Book (included in the initial cost and sent to you)

Benefits of the Masterclass

  • Unique Experiential Learning
  • Self-transformation
  • Reignite and Inspire your original love of Reiki
  • Inject new enthusiasm into your Reiki practice
  • A deep sense of peace and wellbeing
  • Receive a new special certification of this groundbreaking Reiki
  • Upgrades
  • 3-hour experiences for 8 weeks
  • You have plenty of group personal healing sessions
  • Sharing, Giving, Receiving individual and group sessions
  • Dedicated Question and Answer time per class
  • Refreshing our knowledge of Reiki

You will walk away with all you need to teach your own Holy Fire ® Reiki Classes online or in person.


Full Price– $888

Special before August 31–$800

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