Cosmic Rites 1 Day INTENSIVE Certification July 17th


Full-Day July 17th, 8 am Est.  Is sold out, Please Book for Sept 11th!


Offered By: Ruzica Subotic-Howell

Calling all healers, intuitives, and those who work with divine energies to join Ruzica Subotic Howell on July 17th for the 5 sacred energy downloads of Cosmic Rites.

This is a one-day program where each rite’s origins and transmission will be explained. You will be gifted to share with others. That’s right, you will receive and be gifted the rights to share with others.  If you are feeling the pull for this one-day program, register now!

Here you will be graced with illumination of being of the cosmos, you will receive and gift the rites to others.

Receive the gifts of the Radiant Heart, Cosmic Mind, Earth Star, and more!

These energies have been gifted with the intent and request from Spirit to be shared with all who feel called to receive. All these Rites have been granted permission to share.

The Groups Discounts of two or more will not be offered again in 2021!

Once you have received the 5 Rites of Cosmic Rites you have opened and breathed into your heart space for universal consciousness.  Sit within and ponder the magnificence of the passage of rites between us and for you to gift to others.

We will meet via Zoom and  you will receive:

Access to our e-learning platform for downloadable PDFs of both student and instructor manuals.

Each instructor manual provides you with the step-by-step rite process and accompanying mediations.

Mp3 audio of my personal meditation-Hello.

You will connect with Luminous energies and journey to energetic and spiritual levels

Single Person $450.00

Two person: $600.00

Three person group:$850.00

Have your friends join you for this special spiritual journey.

Blessings and grace,


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