Cosmic Rites 1 Day Intensive



Offered By: Ruzica Subotic-Howell

Cosmic Rites are New Advanced Rites that fully awaken Homo Luminous and align you with evolution into Homo Infinitus.

Begin living in your Divine and multidimensional nature, embracing infinity, and following your true way. 

You will learn and receive energetic rites for: 

-The Radiant Heart. Move deeply in your heart space and connect with source from a Divine place

-The Cosmic Mind and the teaching that assists you to connect with the spaces between matter

-The Infinity Rite, is the way to access pure source

-The Way Keepers Rite, you unite with Cosmic Architects

-The Earth Star Keeper Rite, where you deeply connect with the Earth

This one-day class is being offered by Ruzica.

It will elevate your vibrations, deepen your connection with Spirit, develop your intuition and deepen your meditation levels.

If you feel called to join us on February 26th for this one-day intensive course we would be honored to receive you.

You will learn how to open sacred space and your Wiracoccha. Each Rite is integrated during the fire ceremony.  You will light and grow the five Rites.

To honor receiving and giving the day includes two programs Cosmic Rites and Advanced Cosmic Rites.

In Cosmic Rites, you are gifted the rites as a participant. In the Advanced class, you are taught to gift the rites to others. All materials are provided to you so that you can move to gift the rites.

Join us in honoring the Cosmos of Infinity with this deep energy exchange.

$450.00 per person. 

There is no prerequisite for this class.

Blessings and love and light,


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