Cosmic Rites


This is a new advanced rites which fully awakens Homo Luminous and aligns you with the evolution into Homo Infinitus.  You begin living in your Divine multi-dimensional nature, embracing infinity and following your true way.

Offered By: Ruzica Subotic-Howell

Cosmic Rites is a one day class where you will learn how to open sacred space and your Wiracoccha with a fire ceremony that transmutes all. It will deepen your practice of being, knowing, and doing.  Sit within and begin your journey.

Here you will learn and receive energetic rites for:

-The Radiant Heart and how to deeply connect and source from this deeply Divine place

-The Cosmic Mind and the teaching that assists you in connecting with the spaces between matter

-The Infinity Rite and the way to access pure source

-The Way Keepers and how to unite with the Cosmic Architects

-The Earth Star Keeper and how to deeply connect with the Earth



Certification of completion is provided.