Three Energy Session Investment Package


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Are you feeling stuck, stressed, strained, and out of sorts?

Your energy is most likely unbalanced. Having Energy Sessions will help bring your energy back to your center with more feelings of being grounded and better able to tackle life situations.

Offered By:Ascension School of Spirituality

Energy work helps release negative and unwanted energy. Each session features Guided Meditation to help calm and raise your vibrations. You then feel better and able to move forward in life. Chakra Balancing, Holy Fire Reiki, and Violet Flame Energy are a few of the other modalities I use as I tailor each session to suit your individual needs.

Like making or breaking any habit, we need continued momentum. Having 3 sessions is an excellent way to jump-start your path to higher growth

  1. Why do I want a session?
  • Energy balances the natural flow in all body systems, allowing health to improve naturally
  • Increase in immune function
  • Stress and anxiety reduction
  • For relaxation and renewed energy
  • Remove blocked, stagnant, and unwanted energies
  • Accelerates other medical treatments you are already receiving (Reiki practitioners are adding benefit to healthcare in hospitals around the country)
  • It feels good!
  1. What you might experience afterward.

(This list also helps in determining goals before each session.)

Each person reacts uniquely to each session, but here is a list of typical health responses:

  • Feelings of deeper relaxation
  • Enhanced and improved sleep
  • An overall general happier, peaceful attitude
  • Increase or renewed energy
  • Comforting feelings of support
  • More positive feelings
  • Helps to re-center your mind making it easier to make decisions
  • A calmer behavior gives you the feeling of balance, grounding, and able to face the world more easily

My recommendation is to complete the package within one to two months.

Investment Package includes;

  • 15-MINUTES Consultation used to set goals to utilize our time best
  • 3-Session Package, each 45-MINUTES includes;
  1. 30 MINUTES of Energy work
  2. 15 MINUTES of dialogue about the experience and helpful suggestions
  • 2 emails between sessions (to ask questions)
  • 15-MINUTES follow-up call at the end of the last session
  • I begin our session 15 minutes beforehand connecting with your energy and then continue to hold space 15 minutes after our session concludes.