Free evening with Ruzica Howell “Tools of Divination”

May 10th at 7 pm est on Facebook

Offered By: Ruzica Subotic-Howell

Join me for a live one-hour session where the discussion will be on using contemporary divination tools- oracle cards, books, and pendulums to develop your intuition, get to know yourself and make decisions for mindful living. One deck, in particular, will be showcased- Women’s Bodies, Women’s Minds by Christiane Northrup, MD. With the use of divination tools, you will find that it’s an outer reflection of your spiritual frequency; it’s like having a mirror. We will explore using a pendulum for answers beyond the ‘yes’ and ‘no,’ and one of the most sensational and quick ways is to use books to give us the story we need to hear. This session will be recorded and made available.  If you have cards, a pendulum or two, and a couple of favorite books, bring them along so that you can see the magic.  PS. If we go over the hour, well, I guess that was meant to be.

Join me on May 10th at 7 pm.


Ruzica the Oracle