Qigong 101: Ancient Choreography  “A Healing Blend of Rhythm and Movement” … Complete Course


Introductory offer: QiGong 101, includes 5 teaching videos plus 4 Bonus Traveling Video downloads.

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Qigong is an ancient, gentle, mind/body/spirit practice that began thousands of years ago, before the written word. Passed down for generations, it is still beautifully relevant to the peace and strength we continue to search for today. Improve your well-being by learning and practicing these flowing, rhythmic movements – Dayle will guide you every step of the way! Many styles of qigong exist, but Dayle has developed a delightful approach that she calls “Qigong: Ancient Choreography…A Healing Blend of Rhythm and Movement”.

Dayle’s Qigong Videos are downloadable; you can practice in your home or take her guidance wherever you go. In this series, you will learn easy yet inspirational Qigong moves in 5 videos. PLUS, Dayle has also created a BONUS video on each session called a Traveling Video, where she took Qigong on the road and set it to music to inspire you and further your journey.

This Qigong 101 course is valued to the max!

Here is what you get

·        Introductory Qigong Video

  ·      Qigong session 1 + BONUS Traveling Video

·        Qigong  session 2 + BONUS Traveling Video

·        Qigong session 3 + BONUS Traveling Video

·        Qigong session 4 + BONUS Traveling Video

No prior experience is necessary. This course is designed for beginners, but we promise you will enjoy it even if you have been practicing Qigong for a while!

Purchase now, and we will send you the download links for all the sessions.

Dayle Bradford Huffman also offers Live 1-on-1 Qigong Sessions.