Lighten the Load


This is a perfect way to try out Energy Therapy in a smaller dose. The purpose of   “Lighten Your Load” is to lighten one emotional stress or physical pain. It also can release some of the obligation or heaviness around parenting or other close relationships.

One 30 minute one-on-one phone session for those new to working with Jennifer

Offered By:Jennifer Pister

This is a discounted, lighter version of an Energy Therapy session with Jennifer Pister and is meant for first-time clients. Choose one physical or emotional symptom you are currently experiencing, and let’s explore.  As an empath and clairvoyant, Jennifer will read your energetic body.  She will then determine which past events are related to this painful symptom. Old emotions and decisions are processed and dissolved by talking with you therapeutically and then directing the body to release. Limiting beliefs and behaviors are transformed to serve you. Jennifer will follow your body’s wisdom to release the emotional weight that your energetic body is carrying and Lighten Your Load!


This session may only be booked once

30-minute session