Limited Editiona Lionsgate 2022 Art by Marianne Goldyn


Special Offer only through August 12th 2022  $88

Offered By:Marianne Goldyn

Fractal Art Created for the energy of the Lionsgate Portal 2022.

Own this Fractal art created by Marianne Goldyn exclusively for the Ascension School of Spirituality for the 8-8 portal

This amazing work was created using a Divinely Inspired mathematical equation that was given to Marianne while in a meditative state.  She applies intuition to the equation to create each piece.  Many use Marianne’s art as they would a Mandala

This is a limited 16×20 High Gloss Print and will be signed and numbered

Pricing includes Tax and Shipping to the Continental US

Exclusive through Ascension School of Spirituality