Private Energy Therapy Sessions – Package of 3


Energy Therapy is a fun, supercharged, and divinely guided version of psychotherapy. If you want to change some long standing behavioral patterns, current physical pain, or heightened emotions, Energy Therapy can provide astonishing results. A package of 3 Energy Therapy sessions saves you $30 per session, allows you to dive deeper, and will support you best for symptoms that are reoccurring.

Offered By:Jennifer Pister

Three 60 minute

One-on-One phone sessions.


These 3 sessions can be scheduled at any spacing as long as they are used within 6 months. For each of the three sessions, you choose 2-3 physical and/or emotional symptoms that you are currently experiencing and want to explore. As an empath and clairvoyant, Jennifer will read your energetic body to determine which past events (including events in past lives) are related to these symptoms. Journeying to these events, all old emotions and decisions are processed and dissolved by therapeutically talking with you and then directing the body to release them.  Energetic patterns held in your body and beliefs about you and your world are also similarly changed to serve you better in the current time.