Class Dates: February 1 & 8, 2021 Class Times: 5:00 to 8:30 pm ET, Reiki II start date TBD

Offered By: Lisa Bolton

There is so much uncertainty in the world today.

Are you experiencing anxiety, not sleeping well, feeling drained, and overwhelmed with life?

We have a solution!

Maybe you already practice other modalities such as yoga or meditation.

But do you still sense a longing for more inner peace?

We have a solution!

Reiki is a unique means to support your overall well-being and balance. It’s a source of strength, calm, relaxation, and connection with self.

Reiki Masters Lisa Bolton and Martha Jensen, with over 44 years total combined experience, invite you to join them on a journey into knowing yourself better and raising your energy to higher levels for healing.

Bonus- Private 30 minute Session with Lisa or Martha if you purchase both Reiki I & II at the same time.

Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki I

Reiki I is the beginning class that lays the foundation.

This class is a requirement for Reiki II and Reiki Master.

What the class entails

  • Kenyoku-a technique to clear your energy field

  • Ocean of Holy Love Experience-a Holy Fire® Reiki meditation

  • Reiki and Holy Fire® Reiki explanations, meaning, history, different levels of Reiki, and use

  • The Original Reiki Ideals

  • Japanese Reiki Techniques- Byosen Scanning, Self Scanning, and Reiji-ho, and more

  • Hand Placements to give yourself and others Reiki

  • Gassho Meditation-daily meditation also used with Reiki practice

  • What is an Attunement- Only a Reiki Master can tune you to Reiki energies.

  • Placements and Experiences-the process of receiving Reiki energy that you carry for the rest of your life

  • Time allowed for meditation, practice, question, and answer

  • Reiki I & II Manual

  • Certificate of completion

Class Dates: February 1 & 8, 2021

Class Times: 5:00 to 8:30 pm ET

Dates for Reiki II is to be determined

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