Selenite Castle


Expansion/ Release/ Cooling

Selenite is an excellent crystal to use for clearing and cleansing other crystals and gems.  Selenite itself is one of the few crystals that doesn’t need energetic cleansing.  The Castle shape offers a beautiful aesthetic to any space, reminding you that you are Royalty.

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Affirmation: I am one with myself, the Earth and the Universe


Selenite is very soft and can even be scratched by a fingernail!  It should not be put in water or left outdoors for Full Moon rituals, although it can be incorporated in practice by placing on a windowsill.


  • Clears away any darkness, negative or stagnant energies
  • Aids in avoiding difficulties
  • Protects from blame and harm

Practical uses:

Holding a piece of Selenite against your chest can ease the stress from the day. It can also help to purge painful memories that are difficult to release. When holding the stone visualize breathing in through the top of your head and out through the crystal, your emotion neutralized and harmless.

This stone received its name from the Greek Goddess of the Moon, Selene. Selenite’s meaning is easy to see when it reflects light, often appearing as a rock fallen directly from the Moon. Formed from hydrous calcium sulfate, this mineral belongs to the family of gypsum crystals. Its monoclinic crystal system develops into long columns. Before being polished, Selenite can be recognized for its fibrous striations that run down the length of the stone. The selenite crystal forms typically in clay beds, or around hot springs. Due to its classification as an evaporate, Selenite’s healing properties tend to flow in a way similar to water.

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Weight 9 oz
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