Soulchi Fractal Art ™ is priced on various sizes available.

Please add your Birthdate with year, exact time and place. The art can not be created with out it.

Offered By:Marianne Goldyn


SoulChi Art


FRACTALS are complex, never-ending, self-similar repeating patterns, which create the GEOMETRY OF YOUR SOUL. We see them throughout nature in seashells, trees, rivers, coastlines, and the human body. Fractals serve as the architecture of the universe.

      Each of us, has an individual fractal blueprint that is uniquely our own!

Using a simple equation that is repeated in an ongoing feedback loop, Marianne Goldyn creates a graphical representation of YOU … pixel by pixel, based on over one hundred parameters that she generates and manipulates.

What sets SoulChi Fractal Art™ apart is that Marianne uses your personal numerology to create your own unique equation, while using her intuitive influences in creating a truly one-of-a-kind portrait of YOU, embedded with your numerical imprint.

These one-of-a-kind art pieces serve as a personal fractal mandala. By focusing attention on it, especially while in a meditative state, your SoulChi Fractal  Art ™becomes a spiritual guidance tool, connecting you with your highest soul self.

Hang it on your wall and enjoy your very own personal, SoulChi spiritual work of art.

This is a unique opportunity to have your one of a kind, Personal SoulChi Fractal Art™ is created just for you by Marianne Goldyn, Quantum Intuitive Artist and Practitioner.

8×10 Canvas Fractal ………. $288.00

8X10 Aluminum Fractal …… $333.00

11×14 Canvas Fractal …….. $355.00

11×14 Aluminum Fractal ….. $400.00

16×20 Aluminum Fractal ….. $522.00

24×30 Aluminum Fractal ….. $644.00

24×36 Aluminum Fractal ..… $733.00

(Custom larger sizes up to 48X96 available upon request. Prices and sizes may vary, and all sales are final.) (Wall mount, shipping, handling & taxes included. Delivery time 4-8 weeks. To order your personal SoulChi Fractal Art ™, we will need your Birth Name, Birth Location, Date, and Time. Marianne Goldyn reserves the right to use all art images in her personal promotion and archives.)

Marianne Goldyn holds a professional license as an Advanced Practice, Psychiatric, Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist, with over thirty years of direct clinical experience. More importantly, she describes herself as a Soul Catalyst, Intuitive Artist, Ancestor Tender, Storyteller, and Scribe. Within the healing power of storytelling and art, she loves to witness others’ stories. By doing this, Marianne holds sacred space and honors each individual as you enter into a beautiful journey of soul discovery together.

 Marianne has completed many traditional and alternative studies through a variety of sources and Mentors, including …

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing
  • Master of Science Degree in Mental Health Nursing
  • Licensed RN, Advanced Practice Nurse, and Clinical Nurse Specialist with Prescriptive Privileges
  • Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Practitioner: Dr. L. Korn Ph.D.
  • Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner: Dr. Len Lew Ph.D.
  • Certified Oracle Card Guide: Colette Baron-Reid Oracle School
  • Certified Complex Trauma Professional (CCTP-I): Dr. Janina Fisher, Ph.D.
  • Mentor for The Ascension School of Spirituality
  • InVizion® technique training: Colette Baron-Reid
  • Voice Dialogue® training: Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone
  • Internal Family Systems: Dr. Richard Schwartz, Ph.D.
  • Enneagram training: Sacred Art of Living Center
  • 1:1 Spiritual Mentoring: JoAnn Miller, Peace Prophetess, and Intuitive
  • Proprioceptive Writing: Dr. Linda Metcalf and Ann Bright
  • Ancestral Lineage Healing & Animism and Psychology: Dr. Daniel Foor, Ph.D.
  • Dream Work: Dr. James Hollis, Ph.D.
  • Dream School: Toko-Pa Turner
  • Courses Completed: Centre for Applied Jungian Studies
    • Archetypes
    • Complexes
    • Projection
    • The Shadow
    • Dreams

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Canvas Sizes

8×10 Canvas Fractal, 8X10 Aluminum Fractal, 11×14 Canvas Fractal, 11×14 Aluminum Fractal, 16×20 Aluminum Fractal, 24×30 Aluminum Fractal, 24×36 Aluminum Fractal