Spirit Animal – Blue Owl


Offered By:Jennifer Sher

This beautiful handmade mixed media art doll sculpture is entirely hand-crafted, in my studio, using a variety of mediums, with the majority being recycled materials, giving each doll an extraordinary personality.  This art doll would make a wonderful addition to any art collection, whether it’s for the amateur, the connoisseur, or someone in between. These one of a kind handmade art doll sculptures are unique gifts to be treasured for years to come.

Spreading Love:

My intention when creating these lovely handmade art sculptures is to fill them with love and serenity. My wish is for them to bring that beautiful healing and uplifting vibration to the homes or offices they end up in. You will love looking at them and holding them close to your heart. ❤️

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Approximately 7 Inches Tall and 4 Inches Wide

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Dimensions 4 × 7 in