Tapping into your Spiritual Gifts 6 Week Course


6 week Course

Starts January 6th 

Offered By:Ascension School of Spirituality

Divine wisdom and spiritual gifts reside inside all of us. Somewhere deep inside each of us lies the ability to connect into our own energy, to connect into the divine guidance available to us, to recall the lives we’ve lived prior to this one, to communicate with others inside of ourselves. These gifts emanate from the basic spiritual truth of the Oneness of all that is. In this 6-week course, we learn about how Oneness is the basis of these universal gifts, and together we will work on tapping into them.

This is the course outline:

Week 1: Understanding Oneness as the basis for our spiritual gifts

Week 2: Connecting into our own energy

Week 3: Connecting into the divine guidance within us

Week 4: Understanding past lives

Week 5: Connecting with others (deceased and alive)

Week 6: Considerations for working with our gifts in service of others