11×15 140lb. Watercolor paper, Watercolor

Offered By:Rebecca Foxon

After selling our first home and moving, I was unpacking my work in a new studio area in our house. I was knocked over when I came upon this painting I completely forgot about that I had started before the sale process.  The deep royal and navy blues folded right up out of the paper. I realized it was so impactful because it is unfinished, there was no background ocean to compete with that shoulder of water, and thus, it stayed as is – standing its incompleteness.  Soon after sharing the work, our children’s schools abruptly moved to remote schooling due to new and rising cases of COVID-19.  Kids were picked up from school on the last days that were not intended to be last days.  Two weeks, turned to end of months, to end of school years in a wave of ambiguity and so, this find and name proved prophetic once again.  “Unfinished” can be perfect and complete in its own powerfully unique way.

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