Valentines Relationship Reading

$225.00 $144.00

Prerecorded Reading is a 3 in 1!  Say I love you!

Offered By: Sally Boyd

Are you Puzzled by Your Relationships?

Define the energy that exists between andy two people?

Lovers, Friends, Parent/child, Business Partner,s or relationships of any kind are as unique as the individuals that make up the relationship. No two relationships are the same, nor do they stay that way.

Identify the Strengths and Challenges for any Connection.

Many relationships have unconscious motives.  Communication issues are easy to define through reading a natal astrology chart. Types of attraction are easily defined in a Relationship Reading.

My consultations are sensitive to and inclusive of everyone! Love is Love is Love!

Some questions you might ask would be:

  • Is this a healing connection, and why?
  • What is the karmic reason for this relationship?
  • How do we move past this reoccurring challenge?
  • Should we make a commitment, and what should it be?

This special offer will come to you via a prerecorded zoom link.  Each person will receive a Natal Reading, and then those two natal charts will be combined for a composite chart to define the relationship.  The recording will be 1 hour to 1.25 hours long.  You can listen to it at any time; the recording is yours!  Great for a date night!  If you would like to have this reading in person, explore my synastry reading.

This Valentine Relationship Reading is 144.00. 

You must have the complete birth data of each person.

After you purchase, the Reading Sally will reach out to you for the following information.

Birthdate, Exact Time of Birth, and Place.