World Peace Membership


1 Year Membership

Offered By: JoAnn Miller

On July 13, 2018, I launched a membership drive for those interested in being a part of the movement for World Peace.  I gave a brief outline of what was required to be a part of this amazing opportunity, but one area needed more detail and explanation.

In order to earn the right to display the World Peace Symbol of Light, there is, of course, a process of eligibility.  For example, the right to display the Organic, Non-GMO, kosher, BBB, or Good Housekeeping seals or logos comes with criteria that must be adhered to and documented/updated regularly.

The most outstanding difference between this symbol of Light and any other logo is the living vibration which moves through the individual, the business, and any employees, into this world.  Displaying it says that you are an Ambassador of World Peace and that your work and your business is a reflection of the same.  When you track the effect this movement makes, because the new money is Peace, you will see a difference in your bottom line.  We will want to hear about that and other changes you see around yourself, your life and your business in a yearly update.

The Five Principles are simple but so very powerful when followed.  This is our very fast pathway to Peace.

  • Love yourself
  • Be open
  • Do no harm
  • Live in the moment
  • Listen to your higher guidance

Some of the benefits you will receive as a Peace Member:

  • An Activation of the Mantle of Peace around your life, your business, and your tribe.  This increases the vibration of all you do, attracting more abundance into your life.
  • At least two Ceremonies/Activations during the year and you and your business are included in these ceremonies. They create Activation and the Activation contains code.  You will be sent the Activation.
  • Members also enjoy an automatic 20% off any of my services!
  • Once you have followed the protocol and put your intentions of living peace in writing,  you earn the right to display the new World Peace Symbol on your website, emails, pages, in your advertising, etc.  You will receive, in your welcome package, several different sizes of this logo to display and use in various applications.

The initial requirement is to complete a questionnaire explaining how you will apply the Principles of Peace to yourself and/or your business. Upon purchasing the membership, you will be instructed to complete the questionnaire and email the document to the address indicated.