Do You Have a Spiritual Mentor?

Do you have a Spiritual Mentor?

Ideally, everyone had a special person who stepped into their lives and lifted them as a child.  That person taught you what was right and wrong, how to take care of yourself, and truly wanted you to be the best you could be. This person was a safe zone and taught you how to make decisions that helped you form the vision of who you would be.  This could have been a parent, other family members, a teacher, a pastor, or a mentor.

Let us talk about Spiritual Mentors.

  1. They are not perfect and will have faults.
  2. A Mentor should have spiritual maturity and have a grip on Spiritual Ascendance.
  3. The right mentor will NOT make things easy on you.
  4. You should feel safe and have a true connection with a mentor.
  5. Love, authenticity, and accessibility are the key.
  6. You should have a true curiosity about a mentor and their beliefs and modalities.

A Mentor Should Walk the Talk.

Is their life of service to others? Do they volunteer and participate at work, church, online groups? Are they generous of heart? A Mentor that is disconnected from suffering, justice, and the balance of the collective will have little to teach you and should be looking for a mentor themselves.

How do They Spend Their Time?

A good Spiritual Mentor knows that time is precious and in short supply.  Spending tons of time on social media, gossiping, judging, or criticizing others does not raise the vibe.  Helping the community (online or otherwise) is a great clue as to how they will be able to support you.

Are You Challenged and Intrigued?

What do you believe spiritually, politically, culturally?  Is this mentor in alignment with your core beliefs?  No one will have your exact beliefs. However, your values should complement one another.  You should be intrigued and drawn to the way they express their beliefs.  They should challenge you to grow.

Humble Pie Can Be a Tasty Dish!

Any Mentor should take the position of…. “I don’t know everything.”.  Admittance of being wrong, falling short, or just simply not knowing the answer is important.  Pay attention to your mentor. Do they give credit to other teachers?  Give credit where credit is due. They should be forward with humility in all areas.

Where Does this Mentor Go for Direction?

A wise Mentor is mature enough to tap into and trust they have the answers within them and used that strength to make life decisions. This is not to say they should not seek support, but a need for constant handholding may mean they are not ready to mentor you.

What Is Their Life Testimony?

Are they open about their story? Everyone has made mistakes, had hardships, and lost their way. You cannot expect someone to be “positive” all the time. The question is, how have they overcome these hardships?  Does it inspire you? Hard times are defining our ability to learn and grow.  Healing and recovery are what should stand out, not persistent victimhood or suffering.

Integrity and Worthiness

Society says we are not good enough. Therefore, we search outside ourselves for validation. A good Mentor is in touch with who they are and where they are going.

What is the Mentors Spiritual Practice?

Do they pray, meditate, do yoga, have an altar? Perhaps they use tools of divination, read the Torah or the Bible.  They may have a practice with nature.  A spiritual practice is the single most important part of our spiritual journey.

Who is Their Mentor?

Someone once said, when you are green, you are growing; when you are ripe, you are rotting. To grow in spirit, you must be fed. So, if your Mentor does not have one or more mentors, they may very well believe they know it all.  Spirituality is a never-ending process.


What draws you to them?

Remember, no one is perfect.  A spiritual mentor is someone you are led to.  Are you called to learn what they know?  Do they inspire you?  When you are in their presence, are you left you feeling elevated? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you may have found a wonderful teacher that is just right for you.