Amanda Marquez


Amanda MarquezIn 2004, I began to audibly take notice of my spirit guides. Not understanding at all what was occurring, I entered into what is commonly known as the “Dark Night of the Soul”. While submerged in shadow my demons and I engaged in combat. This battle for light would force me to acknowledge, accept and forgive myself and others for past traumas. Embracing each trauma as a valuable life lesson and finding a spark of light in even the most tragic of situations allowed me to release negative energies and thus heal my heart. This epic journey of enlightenment has led me to meditation, health, spirituality and a life filled with abundance and gratitude. My experiences include prophetic visions and an ability to see and communicate with Angels, Spirits, and Light Beings. I channel these energies from ethereal realms in order to provide specific guidance for each of my clients. Allow me to channel spirit for you and guide you towards the answers you seek.


"Amanda is highly intuitive and I love how she connects with her Higher Source of Guides and Spiritual Beings. It allows me a feeling of comfort. When she gives me answers to my questions, it's like she connects with the deepest part of myself. The things she suggested for me hit many "aha" moments. I would say to myself, "I know this but why couldn't I tap into it?" Thank you for your help and for allowing me to learn more about myself." From Martha J, May 2020

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