Ellen Feldman

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Like you, I’ve been on a fascinating journey through this life. Both painful and beautiful experiences have provided me with the opportunities to grow into the connected spiritual being I am today. My path has been anything but linear. I went to medical school, studied religion, became a lawyer, and ultimately God opened the door to me finding my truth as a psychotherapist. My psychotherapy practice was always rooted in spirituality, but over time my ability to commune with Source, with a client’s Guides, with their higher self, and with their loved ones alive and passed, has profoundly deepened my ability to help clients access the wisdom and guidance available to them now.

I am able, in collaboration with Spirit, to discern what a client needs most at the moment. Together, we will address the pains and patterns that are beckoning to be understood and addressed. We will explore the messages God is sending you now. I will draw on my skills as a therapist, energy worker, and medium to help you. I will see you and hear you and connect to you through unconditional love because we are one.

Release all ideas that you need to be fixed or healed. You cannot become that which you already are, all you can do is remember. You are already perfect. Let me help you to remember that which is perfect and infinite within you. You are exactly where you are meant to be in this moment, let’s use this moment together to ascend to our highest potential.

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