Megan Camille

Intuitive Business Consulting with Megan Camille

As an Intuitive Business Consultant, Megan serves entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEOs in increasing their sales revenue, attracting their ideal clients, and KNOWING their next best step.  With a spiritually conscious and connected approach to business, Megan’s clients have doubled and even tripled their income.

Along with consulting entrepreneurs and business owners, Megan has served as the VP of Sales for two corporations, is the CEO and founder of Megan Camille Enterprises, and created and ran a private preschool.

Megan has been psychic her entire life with her first public recognition being in the city newspaper at only 15 years old.  She is a clear channel for Source to deliver specific details, messages, and opportunities for timeline shifting.  Megan has honored her connection to Source by building 3 successful businesses with the knowing there is both an energetic and strategic side to business.  In addition to entrepreneurship, Megan is a proud single mother of two beautiful children, Samson and Salem.

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