Tamar Gail

Tamar has been working in the healing arts since 1999 and runs an international practice for women and couples, specializing in the Sacred Temple Arts. She helps guide people all over the world, helping them to devote time to their own personal transformation, and to step into their full potential through vibrant authenticity and awakening to the expansiveness of the heart.

Tamar's powerful presence is deeply inspiring, and she wholeheartedly offers herself through the path of devotion. The focus of her work is on the feminine embodiment, sacred sensuality and sexuality, sovereignty, intimacy, and the ability to open up to a reality that is untamed, beautiful, loving, abundant, and beyond your wildest dreams.

Tamar has a background in Shamanism, Tantra, Sacred Sound Healing, Sacred Female Yoga, Dance, and Breathwork, all of which she draws upon as needed when working with her clients. She is currently traveling the world, focusing on her work as a Teacher of Yoga and Women's Natural Healing Arts, Womb Shamaness, and Alchemist of Sacred Sound and Heart. She runs ceremonies, retreats, and workshops internationally for women and couples.



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