Do you have any idea how fortunate we are to live on this planet today? 

If you are following the daily news, it may not look like we are very lucky, but appearances are especially deceiving at this point in time.

I have known there was something special about being alive now for a very long time.  It took years of growth and understanding and studying and reading to finally have some basis for my knowing.

To back up just a bit; I came into this life with a “knowing”.  Growing up Catholic and being raised by grandparents, I had no place to go with my thoughts.  What little I did speak out about as I got older gained me the name of “woo-woo” lady.  That seemed to go on forever.  The catalyst for my greatest spiritual growth was books.  As I look back, they were my “wake up” calls!  When I came upon certain information, I felt that I just remembered something that I had forgotten; not simply learned something new.  I now know how to discern what is and is not my truth!

There are so many of you that are having thoughts like, “What is this void I feel within me?  Why do I have this feeling of dis-satisfaction when I should be really happy?  What is it that I truly long to do before I leave this lifetime?”  These thoughts are mini wake-up calls.

Every one of us is here because we really, really wanted to be part of this big event.  Every one of us came here with a plan around how we were to be of service in anticipation of Peace on Earth!  It is truly time to wake up to our true selves.

Our Galactic relatives are playing a big role in all this by flooding this planet with Light.  Light absorbs the darkness and frees us to think more clearly.  This is part of the reason we are beginning to question the status quo.  Books are also playing a role in delivering “wake-up” information and new codes to the readers.

Of course, the main question most have is, “What am I supposed to be doing; what is my purpose?”

The first step is knowing that the Light within us IS our power.   We all have a God spark, our connection to all that is, and we need to exercise this as we would any other muscle.  Visualization is our means of exercise.  See yourself as projecting a beautiful light at all times.  You pick the personality of your light, the color.  When I am visualizing broadcasting or projecting my light, I see a golden, white light. Sometimes I change that to suit whatever I am doing.  Some people like to send pink light if they are working on healing themselves or others.  There is no set of rules, no dogma.  We are all equal in our God-given power; it is simply a matter of owning it.

Let there be no mistake…. this work is powerful. There is no greater power than the Christ within each of us. For instance, I will work on anything that looks like it’s out of control. This includes the drug and alcohol epidemic, our poisoned food supplies, our poisoned water, and our poisoned air.  Currently, I am sending light on a daily basis to dissolve the Coronavirus.  Think how much more quickly the results would manifest if more of us trusted that this is possible.

At some point, you must come to terms with this as a fact, not just a dream or something we can do after we die and go to heaven. The fact is…. we are the power and you are creating the reality that you are living.  If you are giving your attention to the dreadfulness of the situations I mentioned above, you are a co-creator of that reality. I realize that is not your intention but it’s time to wake up to the power that you are wielding and direct it for your pleasure, not your remorse. This power comes with a great responsibility.  It is now time for us to take responsibility for what we have co-created as a result of focusing on fear.  It is now time for us to change our minds and change this planet to a world of peace, love, joy, and abundance.  It begins with you and me.

As I finish this article, we are in the midst of a virus pandemic, which is actually a fear pandemic.  As I mentioned earlier, we all chose to be incarnated at this time on this planet.  All that is occurring is happening FOR us, not TO us.   I am going to share some information I came across yesterday as it is so perfect for right now.  Always, we have choices; there are no victims; whatever we choose to focus on will show up in our reality.

Corona Virus Lenses

3D Lense- There’s a mass virus spreading to the masses and we must do everything we can to prevent ourselves and to protect ourselves from contracting the virus, which puts our consciousness in a state of “prevention”. We start to ask ourselves, “How can we prevent this?” Many of us have been in prevention medicine and we are finally going to be listened to. Now how can we prevent even more? With tons of antibacterial hand sanitizer, but that has chemicals in it, so we start to wake up to our contaminants and choose a kind of water that is a 2.5ph that kills 99.9% of bacteria.

4D Lense – The virus is a fake and a distraction. There is a cover-up happening to keep the population distracted from a global operation behind closed doors, that’s primary goal is to end the Cabal, expose the deep state, eliminate human trafficking, corruption, criminal activity and malevolent beings from the plane.  The only way to do so on such a scale is to stop the world all at once. The only way to accomplish that is with a global pandemic. Notable names of the elites are contracting the “virus” making it more acceptable for when the truth is shown for what they have done via thousands of unsealed indictments. Amongst the “storm”, there will be a new financial system introduced, ending the worldwide control by the federal reserve.  They will usher in a new form of currency and energy exchange to potentially free millions from financial slavery.  Potential ET contact may occur.

5D Lense – We are going through a water rebirth. A flood of love is coming to activate our Auric bodies. Corona means crown; it is an Aura of plasma around the sun.  Your Aura is Gold and it represents the 4th phase of water which is plasma. Which merges us with our light bodies, our Ka Bodies.  “Crowning” is a term used when a baby spirals down the birth canal. A spiral is a vortex; when water is vortexed, it is structured, aka becoming crystalline. Our monetary system is run by the law of Water, UCC Maritime Admiralty Law.  This law has kept our lifeforce waters plasma limited. This system is collapsing because we are healing the waters within and the waters without. Rebirthing a new currency.  Welcome to the Age of Aquarius; the true water bearer.