The word, worry, and the false impressions it carries came to mind the other day after a conversation.  It brought to my attention how often the word is used.

My first insight was that the word worry seemed to give license to casting lower energy on a perfectly happy NOW moment.  It is as if, by use of the word, whatever opinion follows is justified. It appears there is an underlying, possibly cellular, belief that prefacing a statement with, “I worry,” gives judgment a saintly pass.

After giving this some thought, I think people simply do not understand the workings of energy, the power of the spoken word, the power of thought, And, of course, there is the ever present, ingrained belief that all power exists outside us; not within us.

Worrying sends an immense cloud of emotional, fear-filled energy to the unknowing recipient, person, or situation.  I don’t believe that is the intention of the sender.  We must practice focusing on what we want for ourselves and others, not on what we don’t want!

Once again, we are back to changing our minds, paying attention to what we are saying, thinking, and accepting as truth. Simple to say, but not easy.  It takes a willingness to be in the moment; to take stock of the peace, love, joy and abundance that is right here, right now. By focusing on the joy that we see and feel within us, we attract more of the same into our realities.

If someone is happy, why would we interfere with that happiness by sending out a shot of worry, aka, fear, bad vibes, low energy?  Some would call that being realistic or responsible. Not true, it only means they are supporting someone else’s version of reality. We create our own reality with our words and thoughts and beliefs.

The peaceful, loving thing to do is practice breathing in the joy that someone else is experiencing and sending that back to them as a wish for continuing joy and happiness.  Imagine yourself broadcasting beautiful Light, the color of your choice, to the person, people, or situation. We have been brain-washed into doubting the true power of Light; I challenge you to test it. You will begin to see a lot more of what you want to see and a lot less of what you don’t. Sending joy is so much more gratifying than sending fear.  And the more joy and light we spread, the closer we are to peace.  It begins with us.

I choose Peace, how about you?