What does the Full Moon have to do with my chili you ask?

I’ll get to that in a minute.

We are moving forward!  Yay! We have light! Expect information to surface personally and globally.

Intuition, emotions, and instincts reach their height when the Moon is full at around10:57 am Eastern on October 20th. Feel your way through relationship challenges. Balance by being impartial, or there will be disharmony.

Mercury and Jupiter are direct, and we are entering Scorpio season in a hot second. Feel the power! Mars is in opposition to the Moon and square Pluto, now in direct motion.  What could this mean?

This October Aries Full Moon combines the energy of that October 6th New Moon in Libra when Mars was conjunct.  Mars is still doing its thing and pushing us to initiate with passion. But what happens when that comes with the bitter pill of anger and revenge?  

I am feeling this one already.  It started about two days ago for me.  Of course, my husband is an Aries Rising and Scorpio Sun, and my newfound Libra Rising and Leo Sun have been highly aggravated!  We had a chat, and for the moment, we have achieved some peace, but on Sunday, I felt like a rocket about to explode.

Full Moon in Aries.
Each zodiac signs have an opposite companion: the high expression and the lower or shadow expression. Go high with Aries, and you have a warrior, leader, and pioneer. The shadow side of Aries is aggressive, frustrated, impatient, and angry.

Aries is ruled by Mars and is known as the “Planet of War.” Expect to experience the “Red Planet” in spades this week due to the opposition of the Moon square Pluto.  This will affect you on a personal level will depending on where the Moon lands on your chart.

To transmute the shadow of Aries, lean into the opposite sign of Libra. Peace, balance, and harmony should be in sharp focus. In some ways, it is playing along to get along.

The Spiritual Challenge

How do you control your most intense emotional desire for power?  You might want to restrain yourself a bit during this Full Moon as intense passion is illuminated. Don’t get me wrong; this can be exciting energy. But if you don’t set the intention for some all-out pure thought… well, it could get ugly—just sayin.

Good Stuff

We are receiving some good, fixed star energy, and it helps us prepare for our future success.
Jupiter is happy to be moving again in all its jubilation, creating a lovely aspect to the Moon. This will soften the edges and shift the negative energy.  Mercury is also direct but will remain in the shadow until November 7th.  Projects and efforts that have been stalled will get some lift and start moving forward.
The only thing that could hold us back is anger, jealousy, and the ruthless characteristic of Mars square Pluto. What to do?

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This Full Moon impacts the Sun Moon and Rising Zodiac Signs: 
Aries, Libra, Scorpio, and to a lesser degree Leo, Cancer

The Full Moon and HardCore Chili

When the Sun is opposite the Moon brings your home and all intimate relationships to the forefront.  What is going on at home and work? What is about to come to fruition?

Chili Rick (Scorpio, Aries Rising) and I are competitive chili cooks.  We met because he was a Chilihead with a Chili Team called HARDCORE Chili.  Rick has put qualifying for The World Chili Championship in Terlingua on his bucket list for 2022.  So we are preparing for our 1st cook-off in 10 years this week.

He has asked me to help him get the points required to qualify to compete at the Championship Cook-Off, next November.  This is not an easy task for anyone.  Believe it or not to win in a sanctioned cook-off requires concentration, patience, discipline, and lots of energy of which I have little!

Rick doesn’t listen and has that Aries rising impulsive behavior. We both have a fiercely competitive nature and of course, can be controlling and picky (Leo, Libra Rising).

The details and preparation to get the supplies, spices, meat, drive to a cook-off, set up, fire a pot of chili, and wait for the results can really be exhausting. If you are arguing about every stinkin deet with your partner it is maddening!

This energy is calling for compromise and maybe even a certain amount of “I don’t give a shit do what you want” on my part if we are going to win any points at this weekend’s cook-off and stay live and married.

Full Moon opposite Mars

Everyone knows I was a perfect candidate for anger management.  I have been working through this. However, from time to time, I have a flair up.  I mean, I must dig down deep to find my patience at times.

A small thing like picking Rick’s underwear off the floor can send me straight over the edge.  I see red and forget that he puts them by the bedroom door after a shower, so he doesn’t wake me up.  Sweet, but you would think he had committed an unspeakable crime when I am in a mood.

Pluto and the Moon – Does destruction have a function?

Pluto destroys what is we no longer need.  It is final, no ifs ands or buts. Emotional issues about manipulation, power struggles, guilt trips, grudges, jealousy, even sexual abuse, or violence can crop up. The underbelly will be exposed, and the opportunity is to illuminate the darkness and shed the skin for a new look.

When the moon is involved in this process, it can be emotionally painful and distressing, and luckily this is not long-lasting.

Pack your bags; we are going on a power trip.
Mars square Pluto loves power and control. What will you do to win? Where are your strongest desires?
If you are driven to succeed, don’t suppress your urges. But do watch for sudden potent burst aggression.  You might find yourself the victim of domination. Do what you can to ethically win and get what you want in healthy competition. Keep a pure heart and do so without threatening others.
You will have some extra power if you fight for the underdog at this time. Thank You, Aries! If you are in a bad relationship, this would be an excellent time to depart but do so with support in the wings.

It’s a Wrap
Overall, this can feel like a rough Full Moon, and conflicts and fights will occur within ourselves, others, and collectively.

The Oct 20th Full Moon in relationship to Mars and Pluto creates a competitive vibe.  Perse out your intense desires.  Be on the lookout for was seems to be ruthless or angry.  Lock into the light of truth.  Act on what is good for your emotional wellbeing, remain steadfast to the higher path as always. You can achieve your deepest desires if it is in your highest and best.

Tools for your Emotional Kit

  • Take a walk with your inner child
  • Move, exercise, dance
  • Breathwork
  • Self-care and nurturing
  • Bathe with all your favorite essential oils
  • Rest and unplug, don’t be afraid to isolate yourself for a minute.


I am setting the intention with you right now to resist the urge to blow up.  I want to stay on a high frequency, even keel, and remain calm, cool, and collected. I will do Aries high road stuff to change my energy. Maybe a healthy Chili Competition and all the exercise and hard work it requires is just what I need to stay a happily married chili cook.


Blessings and Stars
Sally Boyd

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