Sally Boyd

Sally Boyd is the founder of Activated Astrology and Co-Founder of The Ascension School of Spirituality. She has been a lover of the cosmos for decades, and although she dabbled in astrology throughout her life, she has walked many paths. Sally was a National recording artist with Curb/Capitol Records, Floral Design, Festival Producer, and Ranch Manager, to name a few. It was a strange set of synchronistic events that would later in life have her labeled as one of Texas’ only Intuitive Astrologers.

It was a sudden and almost spontaneous Spiritual Awakening that made Sally remember her soul purpose. She believes we all have a connection with God/Higher Power and that Source created a blueprint or map of our soul and the path we will take in the lifetime. She says, “We can take the high road or the low road, we can lead, follow, or sit it out. There is a plan, a journey, written in the stars. If we use this guide, we will make the best of our time here!”

Sally’s no-nonsense, down to earth approach, will quench your thirst for answers to your questions, aid in identifying blocks and barriers, as well as talents. She has extraordinary insight and a knack for teaching.

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