Sally Boyd - Intuitive Astrologer

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I am the founder of Activated Astrology and Co-Founder of The Ascension School of Spirituality. I have been a lover of the cosmos for decades, and although I dabbled in astrology throughout my life, I have walked many paths.

In the 80s, life would have me on stage and in the recording studio recording my solo album "My Heart Has a Mind of its Own" with Curb/Capitol Records. I left the entertainment and became a floral designer, festival producer, and ranch manager. It was a strange set of synchronistic events that labeled me as one of Texas' only Intuitive Astrologers later in life.

A sudden and almost spontaneous spiritual awakening made me remember my soul's purpose. I believe we all have a connection with God/Higher Power, and that Source created a blueprint or map of our soul and the path we will take in our lifetime. We can take the high or low road, and we can lead, follow, or sit it out. There is a plan, a journey, written in the stars. If we use this guide, we will make the best of our time here!

People say I am funny and warm in my readings; I know I try to be no-nonsense and down-to-earth in my approach. I try to quench the thirst for answers to your questions and aid in identifying blocks and barriers and talents, gifts, and opportunities you possess.

I love to teach, and mentoring is my muse!

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