Beginners Activate Your Astrology 101


Class begins Sept 14th! On Zoom 8 pm est Regular Price: $888.00

Offered By:Sally Boyd - Intuitive Astrologer

Tap into the language of the heavens in this beginner astrology class with Sally Boyd.

This beginner astrology class is the start of your journey to interpret an astrology chart, learn more about yourself and others. Are YOU ready to unlock the in-depth philosophy of astrology?

Sally’s Beginners Activate Your Astrology leaves you with a practical way to interpret the most important parts of a natal chart with ease by determining which Zodiac signs influence your finances, relationships, career, emotions, habits, reoccurring events, limiting beliefs, and more. Expect transformation with her easy system.

Classes are small and personal!

Here is what you get!

  • 5 weeks of intensive classes
  • 4 –  1.5 to 2-hour Live classes on the Zoom Format
  • Private Facebook group of your peers
  • Videos, Class Materials, and Resources via Thinkific
  •  1 45 minute tutoring session (Just you, Sally and your natal chart)

What will you learn?

  • How to pull and read your own natal chart
  • Signs and Houses
  • Sun, Moon, and Rising
  • Parts of the Charts
  • Glyphs
  • Elements and Modes
  • Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn Energies
  • North Node and South Node
  • Basic Aspects


“I have spent years and quite a bit of money on my astrology quest.  Sally Boyd’s Activate Your Astrology Classes 101 and 102 helped me get clear who and why I am.  I highly recommend this course for a beginner or someone that needs a brush up.  This system works!”  Trisha B.

“Sally, thank you so much for putting these classes together!  I had no idea, astrology could be so easy and fun. I was blown away by the things I learned about my family and why I was having communication issues with them.  Things are so much better!”  Diane V. 

“I just wanted to let you know I am so grateful for you!  I just started my astrology business and I would have never had the confidence had I not taken the BAYA classes!” David S.


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