Your 2023 Astrology Forecast


45 min Forecast reading

Offered By:Sally Boyd - Intuitive Astrologer

In January 2020, a cosmic event prepared us for an unbelievable global reset.  2021 created so many restrictions amid a massive energy shift. In 2022 we have gained strength and resolve we never knew we had. Global chaos has tested our systems, internal fortitude, and moral fiber.

All of these global cosmic energies affect our personal lives.  So what about 2023? What is the most prevalent planetary influence transiting your natal chart in 2023? Will it be restoration and renovation focusing on matters of material or lofty idealism or matters of the heart? How will you be able to work with life transitions? Money, and environment.  Will there be clarity around Purpose? There is a timeline you can work with! Let’s chat about your opportunities!

When you purchase this reading, make sure to look for a fulfillment to get on Sally’s calendar.   This will be a zoom or a phone call.