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Offered By:Sally Boyd - Intuitive Astrologer
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The New Year lets us set things right and get back on track. 2023 is almost here. It is time to prepare, wrap things up, and get in the mindset for all the possibilities for 2023. Get informed and set new goals. Knowing the major astrological transits can help you navigate the upcoming energy.

Life rarely goes as planned, and that is usually a blessing, to be honest. To achieve our best life, we must maneuver restraints and our surroundings. In this 4 part series,” Prepare for 2023,” I discuss everything from business, love, spirituality, and more.

The “Prepare for 2023 “recorded series is about the upcoming opportunities to jump-start you in the right direction. How will Venus and Jupiter affect manifestation? How will the planets and zodiac signs influence your decisions and motivate you? Where are the blessings? Be prepared for the shifts of Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn into new signs. Where will the points of tension be?

If you are unaware of cosmic energy, how can you use all of that great stuff to your benefit? You can try with all your heart, but your vision might not happen. Why? Maybe the timing is off, or the impact of planets or zodiac signs are affecting you.

The past few years have been crazy due to many significant and robust planetary conditions. The archetype planets Uranus and  Pluto are hell-bent on our transformation as a collective. In 2019 I produced a Summit called “Turning Fear and Chaos into Flow and Abundance” I can tell you that all of the interviews pointed to everything that has happened. Let’s get on top of this and Prepare for 2023! 

4-part Series. Each Session is different.

We are going to cover broad subjects during this series. I highly recommend you get an astrology reading for direct personal direction for 2023

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