Natal Astrology and Your Personal SoulChi Art


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Offered By:Sally Boyd - Intuitive Astrologer

Wouldn’t you like to experience your soul’s blueprint in an extraordinary, creative visual realm? Intuitive Artist Marianne Goldyn and Astrologer Sally Boyd come together to interpret your soul’s expression through numerology, art, channeling, and your natal chart.

Suppose you have a thirst for self-awareness and have unanswered questions surrounding purpose, past lives, gifts, and life challenges in this human experience. In that case, this new collaboration between these two ASOS mentors offers you the answers you have been seeking and will shine a light on your soul’s path.

We will start with your Birth name, date, exact time, and place.  Sally and Marianne work together through Astrology, Numerology, and other modalities. Sally will create your natal reading, and Marianne will create your SOULCHI ART FRACTAL, which is unique to you.

You will receive a copy of your SoulChi Fractal with art and an astrology reading.

Our services do not predict the future, and they allow you to look more profoundly where you have been, where you are now, and endless possibilities for your highest good! Be open-minded, ready to listen, and expect to have confirmations and mysteries revealed. Once you integrate this information and gaze upon your SOULCHI ART FRACTAL, you will undoubtedly experience an uplevel.

Marianne and Sally give you a powerful tool for co-creating your experience with the universe and the Divine. You always have free will, and we simply provide a tool to help you recognize signs and opportunities of all kinds in all realms.


NOTE: We will need your full birth name, Date, Place, and exact time of birth.