Private Hana Therapy Package


3 Sessions

Discover your Personal Power with Flowers!

Offered By:Mami Ogata

First session – Hana Therapy Introduction

30 Minutes

An Introduction to Flower Therapy.

You will step into the meaning of flowers.  You will discover why flowers have such healing power. What is your personal petal?

Second session –  Hana Therapy Flower Card Reading

30 Minutes

Let’s do a Flower Cards reading.

What is in your “Highest and Best?

What are you attracting?

Let the flowers speak to you. We will use several tools to do a Deep Dive into your Flora and Fauna.

Third Session – Make Your Flower Arrangement Find Your True Self! 

60 Minutes

Time to go to the flower shop!

You can also purchase online or pick flowers and greenery from your garden! Create an arrangement that is reflective of you, your feelings, your dreams. Bring a container or vase and clippers.

If you don’t have the supplies to create your flower arrangement, you can buy a flower arranging kit from me for $35+ shipping and handling.  The kit contains, a container, flower foam, and clippers.