Mami Ogata

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You seem to have been guided by the thread of energy I send!

"The Art of Life"   You are creating your life. Each person creates and walks their path, and each has a different journey.

My Story

“She is a shy and emotional child.”  It was written on my elementary school report card.  I think about it now, why shouldn't I have been shy?

What's wrong with emotions?

Japanese education suppresses one's emotions. It is considered a virtue to keep it to yourself.  My true feelings remained squeezed into the closet of my heart.

However, the times change from soil to wind and then to water.

I was waiting for this time.

My parents divorced at an early age.  My mother passed away at the age of 21.  I married an American who I met in Japan, and he brought me to the United States. We divorced after a few years.  I met my current husband.

At forty-one, I had my first and only child. She is an amazing artist headed to college!

I have worked in the flower industry for many years, and it came very to me because I love flowers and nature. I have had the opportunity to work with people worldwide to bring the pleasure of flowers into their lives and special moments.

I am a Virgo, so of course, I am interested in food and health! In my twenties, I began to focus on organically grown/additive-free foods.

I reduced eating meat.  I learned I could live a life that is kind to the global environment. Me just one person can make a difference by changing my eating habits.

In 2007 my husband was diagnosed with lymphoid leukemia

I studied macrobiotics.  My uncle had used Macrobiotics to overcome colorectal cancer.

I found this diet gave me and peace of mind. I started a meditation practice.  I read books, took courses and thus, began my spiritual journey.

The Healing

I learned a method that combines flowers and psychology.  Hana Therapy. The is a great deal of power in a flower!

I also realized I have arrived!  Correcting my diet has allowed food to increase the body's immunity. It has made my mind fertile and healthy as well.

Many of my friends and colleagues agree and adopt their own healthy lifestyles.

Let me help you create your life! There is an “Art” to it!

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