Soul-Care Guidance


Offered By:Ruzica - Feminine Intuitive

Each of us experiences ‘life markers’ in our lives. These are poignant times and some may have been difficult to navigate through. During our time together, you will learn the technique to detach from the experience and gain perspective.

We begin our first session with a card reading to open dialogue and gain insight into your inquiry. In the subsequent meetings, you will discover the influences of your ‘life markers’ and its themes. With my assistance, you will develop a personal Affirmation for daily use. The Affirmation will motivate you to act on certain things, help you to concentrate on achieving your goals, give you the power to change your thinking patterns, assist you in accessing a new belief system, reaffirm the positivity in your life and build self-confidence. To continue your work between our meetings, you will be provided with resources to continue your soul work at home. You will also receive a summary of each one-to-one session for your own use and continued reflective practice about your thought patterns, feelings, and beliefs. You will become aware, change what is no longer serving you, and create the experiences you want.

Ruzica is cultivating mindfulness in feminine self-compassion as a healer, spiritual teacher, and oracle. Her card readings, programs, and events facilitate an atmosphere for women to embrace and journey with love, kindness, and self-knowledge. I believe we journey to have love and compassion in our lives and take responsibility for our experiences. Sometimes we need a helping hand on the next step, action, or perspective. When we have a session together, I assist you in creating a healing atmosphere to facilitate your journey. Use distinct divination tools to receive messages and guidance to determine your next best steps. You will gain self-knowledge to accept all parts of yourself, release limiting beliefs and move to a place of healing vibration, thoughts, and action for your mind, body, and soul.