Ruzica Subotic-Howell

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I was a quiet and reflective child; at three years old, I would find myself looking at spirits, beings, and a parallel world of multicolored moving dots. Entering my teens, I was drawn to explore and find out what this insight was. I became fearful. Support was sporadic and confusing at times.

Finding my way... as an Oracle, I serve as a vessel through Christ's energy. My work comes from multidimensional realms where I receive messages from the Divine. I can see with an extraordinary vision the sacred messages of the one source, Divine Spirit.

What sets me apart is that I am not predictive. 

As an Oracle, I bridge our world, the world between with the divine field, to assist you with your journey providing equilibrium and balance to one’s mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual senses. I am deeply holistic in my practice, centered in the heart, with the full intention to bear witness to you.

While in meditation, I received a message in sacred vision that I call my spiritual approach Divinae Spiritus Luminis- through Christ's energy. In unison, you move to the deepest part of knowing yourself to create your reality.

We will probably be new to each other and my work. When we work together, you receive what is intended for you. My work is honorable. There is no perfection in a Divine offering, and I will do my best in sacredness, integrity, and love for the best possible outcome. We are Divine evolving individual beings, and our commune of work together will be based on grace.


I will do my best with loving intention as I was created to do, for this is who I am. Should you determine your path and mine will engage, together, we will align in love. Only you can determine if working with me attunes to your sacred journey of light. Should you be called to work with me, know that I also have been on a journey rich with experiences that I would like to share with you. It is with grace, love, and light that would we connect, for in your light. You are created for receptivity.

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