Pendulum Magic/Introduction to Pendulum Divination


1 pm Eastern
Saturday April 1st, 2023
2-hour course

Offered By:Ruzica - Feminine Intuitive
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With every swing of the pendulum, you can develop your spiritual energy, answer questions and gain perspective for your everyday life experiences.

In this two-hour session, Ruzica will review the basics of developing a relationship with your pendulum, how to program and use your pendulum for accurate answers and gain the confidence to use your pendulum for everyday questions.

At the end of the session, you will be sent by email a free pendulum board with instructions for download that Ruzica created for your own personal use.

Ruzica is a Feminine Intuitive whose mission is cultivating self-compassion, empathy, and kindness toward yourself. She has been using pendulums as a divination tool, clearing negative energies, making contact with the spirit world, generating accurate answers to questions, to identify energy distortions.

Ruzica is a Usui Shiki Ryoho- Tibetan Reiki Master, Healing Touch Level III, and Oracle.