Energy for Baby & Me


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An exclusive offer for parents, caregivers, and infants up to two years old.

Let me help you with some soothing energy sessions geared for you (or whoever is the closest caregiver) and baby. While you hold and connect with your baby, I blanket you in energies of love and light intended for your particular needs. You both will soon be floating off to dreamland.

Offered By:Martha Jensen

Why do infants need energy work?

Some have asked, what kind of distress could an infant have?  No matter what age- infants, children, or adults- can pick up on other’s energies, whether calm and relaxed, or nervous and frazzled.

Childbirth, even easy ones are traumatic. Imagine being thrown out of your warm, protected environment into a cold expansive world. No wonder they like to feel swaddled and cuddled. I like to use energy to give them a sense of security as I work with the chakras. In turn, it allows more free-flowing movement in these energy centers with a feeling of balance, peace, and calm.

If parents are under stress, I recommend they have sessions, too, which is why this particular offer includes Mom or close caregiver.

To begin an infant session, a consultation with a parent will decide the best plan of action.

Generally, the best time for me to do distance sessions with young ones is during sleep. They can rest and allow the body to reset.

One session is enough for some, while others might take several sessions to achieve desired results. I recommend a series of at least three sessions, so energy pathways have a chance to retrain. As with any training practice, the body holds the memory of the new desire longer.


  • 6-20 minute sessions
  • Intended to be used  as 2 sessions per week for 3 weeks or 1 session a week for 6 weeks
  • 15-minute consultation before the first session
  • 15-minute follow-up consultation within 1 week after the final session
  • One email per week within the package duration (used to monitor progress)