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For 25 years, I have worked in the massage and energy work field in a rural area of Minnesota. After going through a dark period of illness, unhappiness, and disillusionment,  I made a commitment to myself and a higher source to improve my situation. After awakening to the idea that there was more to life, it was time to take charge by searching for ways to better health, peace, and empowerment. By living each day to the fullest with a renewed sense of excitement for life, I was able to become the Master of my Destiny.  My greatest lessons were learned through challenges, how I reacted to them created either discord or peace.

I work with others on an energetic level by using different modalities such as Holy Fire Reiki, Meditation, Violet Energy, EFT, and dialoguing to discover where your energy is stuck. Then by offering suggestions in self-care, spirituality, and personal energy, we are able to ground, center, and balance your energy, helping you to raise your vibration. This allows for true healing on all levels of the mind, body, and spirit.

I carry a deep reverence for my work, but a playful and lighthearted approach keeps the energy positive. A positive attitude is the key to your vibrational frequencies remaining high. With continued sessions, you gain an awareness of higher and lower vibrational energies within and around us. Cocreating grace, ease, and flow allows all aspects of your life to be more balanced and centered.



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Martha Jensen





"I would encourage everyone to gift themselves with a session with Martha. She is so receptive to what is coming through and knows how to guide you through what you are needing to release. I feel lighter and more positive and even some chronic pain is dissipating. I simply feel really good and have some lovely energy.  Martha Jensen is truly an amazing facilitator of healing"  - JoAnn

"I just had an energy session with Martha Jensen and all I can say is WOW WOW WOW. I was feeling very discombobulated before the session and during the session, I was seeing dark pieces everywhere and there was a spot of purple. The purple got bigger and bigger until my vision was all purple! Then it was all filled with golden light. Thank You Thank You for sharing the light with me with your awesome gift." From Cindy W., April 3, 2020

"Martha has been providing distance energy sessions on my 5 year old son and her work has benefited him tremendously. He has been having far fewer meltdowns and has shown a calmer nature especially right after her gentle sessions. Her energy is much appreciated by our entire family." From Amanda M., May 28, 2020

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