Reiki Relief Starter Session


22-minute private session, Inspired to Share Groups only


Offered By:Martha Jensen

Could you use some stress relief?

Stress comes in many forms and for many different reasons. There can even be stress from things that make us happy, like the pressure we put on ourselves to succeed.

My sessions with you allow you to relax, release, and reset your energy into a state of balance.

Each reset opens the opportunity to dive deeper into your being to rediscover and realign your connection to “Source” and a higher aspect of self. Next, creativity and ideas begin to flow as stress and the feeling of being stuck melt away.

This is a starter session, only available to those that have joined Inspired to Share,  I recommend you consider the Reiki Relief package of 3 to help retrain ourselves with new pathways of peace, calm, relaxation, and centeredness. (For even more thorough and consistent feelings of peace, see my larger packages.)

I use a combination of techniques for all my rejuvenating sessions.

  1. A guided meditation that purges old stuck energy and brings in higher Source frequencies.
  2. Holy Fire Reiki
  3. Other numerous forms of Energy modalities
  4. Coaching with Holistic Alternative Psychology skills
  5. Connection with Higher Source energy of Ascended Masters and Angels

Reiki RELIEF is also a perfect first-time experience if you have not received this unique energy work before.

All my sessions occur by phone so that you may stay in the comfort of your own home.

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