Reiki II & Master Class ENROLLING NOW: Reiki II classes are on Mondays, Oct 30, Nov 6, and Nov 13. Master Classes are Tuesdays, March 12, 19, 26, and April 2,9, 16, 23, and 30, 2023 1 pm to 4 pm Eastern Reiki I, TBA.

Offered By:Martha Jensen
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There is so much uncertainty in the world today.

Are you experiencing anxiety, not sleeping well, or feeling drained and overwhelmed with life?

We have a solution! Holy Fire ® Reiki!

What is Holy Fire ® Reiki?

  • HOLY FIRE ® Reiki is an upgrade to Usui Reiki
  • It comes from a high level of consciousness.
  • Holy Fire ® fits today’s needs for a more graceful process of initiation, making it more enjoyable, simple, motivating, and direct
  • The Holy Fire upgrade helps bring an advance in consciousness in a new and completely unique format
  • Creates a feeling of love and nurturing
  • The effects of a Holy Fire ® Reiki continue to be more effective after the session is complete.
  • The effects of I & II or Standard Reiki Master will become revitalized and more pronounced.
  • Achieve the potential to access higher frequencies and increase your healing powers!

Maybe you already practice other modalities, such as yoga or meditation.

But do you still sense a longing for more inner peace?

Reiki is a unique means to support your overall well-being and balance. It’s a source of strength, calm, relaxation, and connection with self.

Holy Fire ® Reiki Masters Lisa Bolton and Martha Jensen, with over 44 years of combined experience, invite you to join them on a journey into knowing yourself better and raising your energy to higher levels for healing.

Reiki I class TBA

Price is $222

Reiki II is the class where you learn

  • the Sacred Symbols that heal the past, present, and future

  • Reiki hand positions with symbols for an entire session

  • Japanese Reiki Techniques

    • Gyosh- ho-sending Reiki with the eyes

    • Enkaku Chiryo-sending Reiki

    • Koki-ho- using the breath to send Reiki

Placement- attuning to higher Reiki vibration, it activates the Sacred Symbols.

Experiences- meditation with the Reiki vibration

Tips to start your own business

Anatomy for Reiki

Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice by the ICRT  Master

NOTE: Reiki I is a Prerequisite 

Reiki II Class Dates: Mondays, Oct 30, Nov 6, and Nov 13.

1 to 4 pm Eastern On Zoom


Your Teachers- Lisa Bolton & Martha Jensen-Holy Fire® Masters

What is the Holy Fire ® Reiki Master Class?

Learn and receive a certification of Holy Fire ® Reiki from Mentors Maratha Jensen and Lisa Bolton.  Together they have a combined total of over 45 years of experience and expertise.  They are both Holy Fire ® Reiki Masters and are now sharing their expertise and energy through automatic transmissions in this double Reiki teaching environment.

Not the Ordinary Reiki Masterclass

Most Reiki classes happen over a weekend.  They feel rushed, and there is no time to truly soak in the information.  Together Martha and Lisa create SACRED TRANSFORMATIONAL work/play to be integrated over time through this exclusive 8-week course.  Each class is only 3 hours!  It is much more than just your average Reiki Class!

Upgrade your Reiki experience and your energy with a REFRESHING RESET to the Reiki you already know.

Space is limited as this is a unique, intimate classroom setting because we are committed to excellence.


ENROLLING NOW, Tuesdays March 12, 19, 26 and April 2,9, 16, 23 and 30th 2023 1pm 

If you already practice Reiki, this is the perfect upgrade!

This Class will meet live on Zoom.
NOTE!!! YOU MUST ATTEND all 8 classes to receive your Certification.
This is an online live class-NOT RECORDED.
Contact us for scheduling conflicts (There will be additional fees for make-up classes)

Pre-requisite-Reiki I & Reiki II

If you are already a Reiki Master, this program will upgrade you to Holy Fire ®!

What you will need

  • Computer or device for Zoom, Access to high-speed internet

  • A Free Zoom account

  • Access to relaxing music for class meditation

  • Book (included in the initial cost and sent to you)

Benefits of the Masterclass

  • Unique Experiential Learning
  • Self-transformation
  • Reignite and Inspire your original love of Reiki
  • Inject new enthusiasm into your Reiki practice
  • A deep sense of peace and wellbeing
  • Receive a new special certification of this groundbreaking Reiki
  • Upgrades
  • 3-hour experiences for 8 weeks
  • You have plenty of group personal healing sessions
  • Sharing, Giving, Receiving individual and group sessions
  • Dedicated Question and Answer time per class
  • Refreshing our knowledge of Reiki

You will walk away with all you need to teach your Holy Fire ® Reiki Classes online or in person.

Cost $999


It now makes sense of the past Reiki sessions I have had.

When I shared my experience, you both had positive feedback.

I knew you 2 would be awesome. I still feel the quiet joy. I would recommend this class to others. 

Cindy Wahl, MN

This course exceeded my expectations. 

The easily understandable presentation of information and the logical sequence of learning about Reiki was very helpful. The positive, supportive and warm manner in which the course was presented made the experience of learning and placement of Reiki very powerful and special. The amount of actual Reiki we experienced was a surprise. From the first class on, we were active participants.

I felt calm and grounded and slept well even after the first class. I feel good that I have begun a practice that will be a tool for my well-being and, as I progress, for others. 

I would recommend this class. It is packed into three 3-hour sessions, but the time went quickly and wasn't overwhelming. I gained so much knowledge, new skills, and the inspiration to continue evolving this practice. Lisa and Martha are excellent teachers with a warm and supportive presentation style and the ability to engage the student in active participation. They answered our questions and invited discussion to clarify and expand our knowledge and experience.

Colleen, Oakland, CA

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