Children 7 years to under 14 years Energy Session


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This Package is for Three 30 minute sessions

Offered By:Martha Jensen
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In my twenty-some years of practice, I was fortunate to use energy modalities with children, especially my children and grandchildren. They have experienced the work in person as well as distance because distance holds no limits when it comes to energy.

Children can also feel ungrounded, low energy, have fears and discomforts, the same as adults. When children have their needs met (such as food, sleep, and if necessary, a trip to the doctor), but they still feel out of sorts, an energy session might be the thing to bring them back into balance. Releasing stuck and unwanted energy helps children feel more content, calm, and peaceful, making a happier, relaxed family.

To begin a children’s sessions, a consultation with a parent will decide the best plan of action.

Generally, the best time for me to do distance sessions with young ones is during sleep. They can rest and allow the body to reset.

I believe several sessions are best to achieve desired results. I recommend a series of at least three sessions, so energy pathways have a chance to retrain. As with any training practice, the body holds the memory of the strengthened energies longer.

If parents are under stress, I recommend parents have sessions, too. Please see my 3 session package for adults.

  1. Why would I want my child to have a session?
  • Energy balances the natural flow in all body systems, allowing health to improve naturally
  • Increase in immune function
  • Stress and anxiety reduction
  • For relaxation and renewed energy
  • Remove blocked, stagnant, and unwanted energies
  • Accelerates other medical treatments you are already receiving (Reiki practitioners are adding benefit to healthcare in hospitals around the country)
  • It feels good!
  1. What your child might experience afterward.

(This list also helps in determining goals before each session.)

Each child reacts uniquely to each session, but here is a list of typical health responses:

  • Feelings of deeper relaxation
  • Enhanced and improved sleep
  • An overall general happier, peaceful attitude
  • Increase or renewed energy
  • Comforting feelings of support
  • More positive feelings
  • Helps to re-center your mind making it easier to make decisions
  • A calmer behavior gives you the feeling of balance, grounding, and able to face the world more easily