Life Situation Profile and Clearing


When I communicate with entities on the Other Side I always do so in a private, quiet setting by myself.  I access the Akashic Records in your soul’s behalf.  The Akashic Records are the energetic library of the knowledge of all souls for all time. The records contain all events, actions, feelings that have occurred and may occur. It also contains the records of everything on Earth; property, homes, objects, animals, etc. These records are freely available to those seekers with pure intent. Upon completion of a reading, I review what I have typed or written and verify and ask for more clarity if I think it may be helpful to understanding the message.


​All intuitive readings are done as an e-mail report. Questions and/or comments are welcome. They can be addressed via e-mail or by a 30-minute phone appointment also made by e-mail.

Offered By:JoAnn Miller - Peace Prophetess

Do you want some clarity around a specific situation?  This reading will uncover any negative energy or programs that may not be serving you. Anything of this nature will be cleared.  You will also learn if this situation is in alignment with your Soul’s highest path and purpose.