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JoAnn MillerFor as long as I can remember, I have had a “knowing”. I knew there was more to this life than presented itself and that I came here with a huge purpose. It took years to get clarity around all this, but now I have it. Ushering in Peace is my destiny, my purpose. I also know that we all came in with a big purpose. I can now assist others through my Intuitive gifts and my life experience to get more clarity around their destiny and this, in turn, leads to peace!

I am a Peace Prophetess, Intuitive and Author of the book, "Paradise, A Short Story about the World after the Shift." This book, written fourteen years ago, now embraces the new codes of peace, love, joy, and abundance and is a catalyst for many to “awaken” to why they are here.

I have been gifted with the Call to Peace and am the creator of a World Peace
membership movement.

JoAnn Miller


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JoAnn Miller


JoAnn Miller

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